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We can't understand why no red flags pop up when these people are making the medicine. Its scary and horrific that people give their children this without the knowledge of what it actually will do.

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Amazing women demonstrating anything can be done!

If your doctor is telling you "your baby is too big" or he won't give you a trial of labor, READ THIS, and understand you deserve every opportunity to attempt a normal vagianl birth.
Wonderful article and video on this womens beautiful birth. GOOD FOR HER! and we are thankful it was a beautiful birth with no complications.

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P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Rise of Homebirths in U.S.

Rise of Homebirths in U.S.

Foods for Pregnancy

If you can't attend one of our classes where we DRILL nutrition into your brains, here's an article that covers the essentials!

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A mother's dying wish

A beautiful, yet sad, article on just how far a mothers love, and understanding of the benefits of breastmilk, will go to care for her children.

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Postpartum period

We preach the importance of how women need to take it easy during the postpartum period, tips on how simple things can help you actually do this, etc. Finally, we're seeing others publish articles on this. Please read

7 foods to avoid and why.

Some good views on what to avoid and why. Please read for your education and safety.

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P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Another reason why Breastfeeding is SO important!

Another reason why Breastfeeding is SO important!

Some videos of natural birth

Preparing for the arrival of the movie! Enjoy, and share!

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