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Need I say more??

I have had the pleasure of being able to post so many articles on the rise of homebirths, midwives, or natural births lately. I am honored to, yet again, add this to my list of posts:

I will sip my tea tonight, just a wee bit happier ;)

Midwife Mania!!!

I do love the title of this Time's article: Midwife Mania? More U.S. Babies than Ever Are Delivered by Midwives
I also like how in the article they note how many other places around the globe, Midwives are the norm.
I suppose my biggest issue is that why do we still look at going to a hospital for sick people the correct place to bring our newborns into the world?
When I was young, maybe 10 or so, it was hard for the hospital nurses to let me in to see my grandfather who was ill. Yet, we freely, and gladly bring ourselves to this SAME location to bring our fresh newborn babies into the world. We need to rethink what is "norm" here, and start to understand what is natural.

P3 on Yahoo News!

We are excited to see Yahoo News! picking up our press release. It generates the buzz that Homebirths are a normal part of delivering a healthy baby, and it's not something that should be viewed as "crazy" or "hippie". View our press release on Yahoo News!

Waking the boobie beast...

Women tend to have the nurturing qualities, right? I think so. When you throw in a child who we grew in our bellies, we nurture even more. Now imagine someone insulting that? or making you feel like its wrong? Well, then you wake the mother bear BEAST! This is exactly the case with this story from Texas which has made its way all the way to Florida!

Please join us for a Nationwide Nurse-In THIS SATURDAY at Hollisters in the Coral Square Mall at 3pm.
Stand alone, we are one, stand together...limitless.

Interesting natural birth of triplets article

Hello All!
I stumbled upon this article and felt it important to share on my blog. The stigma of homebirths, natural births, and midwives really "urks" the heck out of me!
I wish more people understood not only how safe it can be for low-risk women but how benefical it is to us as a society. The empowerment of knowing your body works the way nature intended, the beauty of experiencing what your child is going through at the time of delivery, hearing the signals the body gives to you during the process, accepting the feeling. This not only gives women the confidence they deserve but that confidence trickles down to how the mother is seen by the family as a whole. It's important. It's a right of passage.
 Anywhooo, with that said, here is a article I wanted to share...

Happy New Year!!! Holiday gift from P3!!

Hello everyone!!

As we bring in the New Year, I would like to give a gift to all the pregnant mama's. P3 is offering our Childbirth Class series for FREE starting January 7, 14, and the last class on Jan. 21. Please email me at for more info!!
I feel like education is the best gift and the more educated our pregnant women are, the better the birth outcome will be. Please share with those you think will benefit from this offer.

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