Waking the boobie beast...

Women tend to have the nurturing qualities, right? I think so. When you throw in a child who we grew in our bellies, we nurture even more. Now imagine someone insulting that? or making you feel like its wrong? Well, then you wake the mother bear BEAST! This is exactly the case with this story from Texas which has made its way all the way to Florida!

Please join us for a Nationwide Nurse-In THIS SATURDAY at Hollisters in the Coral Square Mall at 3pm.
Stand alone, we are one, stand together...limitless.


  1. Joe Hink
    They (Hollister) are panicking. Just learned the guy was fired, they are not happy. Ladies, you should strike while the fire is red hot. It is red hot. Here is a cpy of the email they just sent to me, more to come:

    Hey jt,

    One persons bad judgment on an issue does not represent a company's views on a particular issue. We are sorry to hear that you do not want to wear our merchandise. However, we assure you that steps have been taken in regards to the particular person involved.

    Customer Service
    Hollister Co.


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