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Bonding with natural vs. medicated children

So I've been pondering my births. For those who don't know me, I have 5 children. I've had every birth type imaginable, I've been induced, epidural, c/section, and all natural.
I often hear moms say that when they have a c/section or when they've been medicated during labor and delivery, they don't feel the same bond that they have with their unmedicated natural births. I always used to think (before my all natural birth) "how is that? how do they not feel the same love for that child?" Now that I've experienced the natural birth, I think I understand what I was thinking wrong. Make sense? Probably not.
I kept asking myself how could they not feel the same love, but what they were saying was not the same BOND. I think I actually get it. I know we all love our children the same, different ways but the amount of love is the same. I would die for any of my kids, I would literally DIE for any single one of them. I LOVE them equally, some receive my l…