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Homebirth Studies

It's easy for us to read some statistics and push it aside. I don't think we realize how much time and effort go into reports that are true to their word. Here is MANA's updated stats:

My run-in with Tetanus

Fear tactics annoy me. I suppose that's why I'm a midwife. Ignorance annoys me even more. I suppose that's why I'm a midwife as well.
Ok enough silly chatter, I have a point here. I just recently came head to head with one of my fears.
I have not vaccinated my son, by choice. I never questioned those that did because in the end you have to live with your decision. Who am I to say whats right or wrong? I'm not god. I couldn't even possibly begin to understand the complete make-up and break down the body has to go through with day to day environmental issues, let alone vaccines. So I don't judge, truly I don't. In my field I come across families asking me all the time what they should do? What would I do? Did you?
I try to educate them, open their mind to somethings they maybe didn't know and then in the end, I tell them to trust their gut.
So I trusted mine, and I couldn't be happier.
This story needs a thank you to my friend and fellow midwife, …

Allow for the onset of labor and labor to occur

We've been saying this for quite a long time, but here's some research to back us up! Labor is extremely important for babies preparation into the world, even if the outcome is a c/s:

Why choose a midwife?

I think this video shows 1 very important reason why. It also is a domino into many OTHER reasons why its best to choose a midwife when you can.
It's really not proper time management here but what that quality of time leads to, better relationships, confidence, trust, and education. These all improve the outcome of your birth! 

All Women Matter, non-profit for uninsured pregnant women

All Women Matter A non-profit that provides prenatal careto uninsured women

If you or someone you know does not qualify for Medicaid due to immigration status or income, and cannot afford conventional prenatal care, we may be able to help. We provide: ·Compassionate, personalized prenatal care by licensed midwives ·Free childbirth education group classes ·Lactation support from board certified lactation consultants For more information, please contact us at Our office is located at: Natural Birthworks 221 East Commercial Blvd.Oakland Park, FL 33334 (954) 960 3213
Because healthy pregnancies and better birth outcomes matter, for all women.

Childbirth preparation series begins for January!

If your goal is a natural birth, and you want to know what to expect, please join our series! 
This is a childbirth education series so there are MANY topics covered, including:
Anatomy and Physiology of mom and baby
Stages of Labor
Coping techniques
Addressing fears
Practice labor vs. true labor
What to expect
Newborn Care 
Please RSVP so I can have enough packets and gift bags for all!! 

Cost: $75, (Medicaid and P3 clients are no charge)