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Fears of a homebirth? Thinking you Need a hospital? Let's examine...

I think this is what I have the hardest time with. It's true with birth comes a possibility of issues. Does this mean we need to be in a hospital? Well I think you need to examine the possible issues, see what may cause them, then have a plan to help lessen the probability right?
This article truly helps you understand what really puts you at risk and how to avoid potential problems!

Big Latch On at Natural BirthWorks!!

Can't wait to see you all al this fun event on Saturday!!remember get there by 9:45 so you have time to register..

Online Childbirth Classes by a Licensed Midwife, Lactation Consultant, and a Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist

Preparing for a natural birth is such an important piece in preparing you for your journey to motherhood. Understanding what changes will happen to your body, how to stay healthy for you and baby, what to expect when labor kicks in, how to time contractions, and when baby is born how to be fully prepared for an enjoyable breastfeeding experience and excellent newborn care is critical.

I am a Licensed Midwife in Florida, and throughout my journey of motherhood and midwifery I realized that women were not being empowered and educated properly on this magical journey. Awareness and education is exactly what women need so they can step into their motherhood role with confidence.

We have organized an amazing online childbirth class series that does just that, empowers, and educates. It was very important to myself and the professional team in the series that we gave you knowledge that was up to date, accurate, and truly informative. We want the choices that present as you enter parenthood t…

Babywearing Classes at Natural BirthWorks

NEW Beginner Wrap Series will begin this Sunday from 2-4pm at Natural Birthworks. Three class series (July 20, August 3, 17th). $20/class or $50 for all three if paid in advanced.

Advanced Wrap Class Series 2-4pm Starting on August 24th (every other weekend). (August 24, September 7, 21)$20/class or $50 for all three if paid in advanced.

Registration is required for both and the is a class limit. Location is Natural BirthWorks 221 E. Commercial Blvd. Oakland Park, Fl. 33334.

Gentle C/sections when a VBAC isn't possible

I always have a soft spot for VBAC's. I think it's mainly due to the fact that I am a VBAC or because I know how possible it truly is.
So when my client came to me wanting a VBAC I thought nothing of it. We went about our time together prenatally, tending to her, checking on her and baby, making sure all was ok and it was. All the way until we got to 40weeks. I always recommend moms get a Biophysical exam around 41wks so we can ensure all is well and can continue to our legal 42wks gestation.
Now at each prenatal I do palpation, and I usually know a head from a butt any old day of the week. Well this little stinker had me for a loop, I knew baby wasn't well positioned but I still felt that head was down and butt was up, or so I thought.
After my client got her 41wk ultrasound she calls me and the first words out of her mouth were, "he's breech". I was stunned. Her first c/s was due to breech and it had been her fear all along. I felt such a heavy weight fall …

Bath? Why? That bacteria at birth is GOOD for the baby!

The usual drill is to wipe the effluvia of birth off of newborn babies, cleaning them up and readying them for snuggling.

This is not the usual drill for Licensed Midwives.
I think it may be due to the fact that our profession, midwifery, has been around since the biblical times. We trust and value the way we were created and know that each step carries its own weight of benefits. It vital, since most births in the US are now down at hospitals, that OB providers start researching and incorporating these important steps into the births they see and do.
We have been noticing a rise in awareness and request for a "gentle C-sections" when C-section is necessary. I think woman are starting to go back to trusting themselves and their bodies and wanting what's best for them, not the provider.

I like this article because it values the natural birth process and tries to incorporate the many benefits of that into the C-section (if necessary).…