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Friday, October 24, 2014

Vaginal birth of triplets

I stumbled upon this article and had to share. This article sums up a mothers determination, education, trust, and support. The desire to have a vaginal birth is instilled in us for a reason, we're not trying to be show-offs or win some award, we instinctively understand the benefits of the process.
Pregnancy is the beginning of the journey a woman embarks on that leads her to motherhood, but birth is the climatic transition. The benefits are so important to us that we go through enormous intensity to do it. This process, this journey, this transition, must be honored. We should not rush this, numb this, or try to undermine the importance of it. Unnecessary c/sections, and the overuse of epidurals do just that.
Try to educate and empower yourself on this journey and most importantly enjoy it!

P3 Birth

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