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We have started this blog to keep our followers informed about new events in our community, up-to-date information regarding pregnancy and birth, and relevant articles and information that we come across. We serve much of South Florida, but with this blog we will be able to reach and inform so many more women. Please let other women know so they can receive the same knowledge! P3 Love!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Year, New Natural BirthWorks!

We are so excited to ring in the New Year with a bigger and better Natural BirthWorks community for you South Florida!
Starting February we are scheduling appointments and booking classes! Please call (954) 960 3213 for info or to schedule. Here is all the amazing services at our natural community:

-Natural Boutique (cloth diapers, vegan soaps, herbal baths/pads, designer nursing bra's and more)
-Well Women GYN care with our CNM Judy
-Midwifery Care
-Lactation Consults
-Breastfeeding/Pumping classes
-Childbirth classes in spanish and english
-Chiropractor (yes works on pregnant moms, and newborns)
-Homeopath (Treats adults and Infants)
-Prenatal Yoga, Yoga, Mommy & Baby Yoga
-OB ultrasounds
-Community Outreach (prenatal care, lactation services for uninsured)
Check out our website for more info: www.naturalbirthworks.com

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