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Birth Center in Broward County!!

Natural BirthWorks will be the FIRST birth center in the Margate/Coral Springs area! Doors will be opening in early 2016 to 2 brand new birthing suites, an open community space, 1 prenatal and 1 lactation room, and a space for families to unite for support groups, meets ups and fun!

The newly renovated birthing cottage will be equipped with beautiful birthing tubs for the wonderful waterbirth experience. These midwives will be following the Midwifery Model of Care that shows outcomes to be extremely successful for the low-risk woman.

They are accepting clients due after March 2016, check out their website and call to schedule your free meet/greet today!

Birth Center in Coral Springs/Margate area to open early 2016!!

Natural BirthWorks needs your help, The Birthing Cottage needs some donations, love, and positive vibes to get through these humps and become THE birth center in the Coral Springs/Margate area!! We know you want a birth center in this area, we know there are birth centers lacking, we know you want a natural birth in a beautiful, safe, environment. DONATE TODAY!! The more birth centers the better!!

Lost art of Postpartum Care and how it's effecting our families

I couldn't love this article any more than I do! This is why Natural Birthworks​ is bringing back the ancient art of womanly care with belly binding, sacred steams, mayan massages and more support for the postpartum mom.
Women in the U.S. do not support, recognize or aren't given the necessary postpartum time they need and deserve. To me, offering help and support after birth is necessary to ensure a strong mother, and healthy family. 

Homebirth safe? Why yes, yes they are

Homebirth is safe for low-risk women. This is something we've known all along. Makes sense right? Birth isn't an emergency even though, yes, emergencies can happen. I mean I can walk out my door and a car hits me, emergency! However, I'm not going to change the severity level of walking. When I walk it's low-risk, same with pregnancy and birth.

This article is a great read for those wanting to know their options and the true safety of them.

5 overused things in the NICU and when to pass on them

NICU is a scary place when your baby has to be there. Thank god we have help like that for children who need it, but are we over doing it when it comes to medications and tests? Here are 5 things you may want to pass on:

Ancient postpartum traditions, and why we did them

Love this and wished all women would remember the 6 week postpartum period is for them to rest for a REASON!! I was lucky that my mom, aunt, and cousins came to do some of these things but more on the greek tradition line wink emoticon “My great great grandmothers and their descendants lived up to the ripe old age of 90 and above, despite giving birth to over 10 children. They were free of the usualcomplaints of rheumatism, arthritis, backaches, joint pains etc., because they strictlyfollowed the traditional my mother said and I aminclined to believe that because some of thewomen I know from my generation onwards, have been riddled with chronic back, jointand pelvic ailments, from the time their kidswere still in preschool, on account of alackadaisical attitude and skepticism towardsancient norms and practices. Most of their current health issues can be traced back to the lack of proper care during the postpartum period, not realizing that the first six weeks…

Catchin' Babies is Catchin' on!

Just had a great meeting with Gloria Camacho who is the woman behind the scenes for Catchin' Babies - You Tube Channel. It's such a pleasure to meet with others who are just as passionate about natural birth as you are. If you haven't checked out her series you should, it's great and so is she!…
Catchin' Babies - You Tube Channel

The trend to Homebirths, or the rebirth

I remember my first "catch" in Midwifery school was an ER doctor at the local hospital. I was so nervous, but she was awesome and I learned a lot listening to her story.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

I am a huge supporter of Breastfeeding and educating those on the benefits of Breastmilk. This article is a great look at the benefits from an MRI's perspective.

Natural BirthWorks Holistic Wellness Center

Monday: Acupuncture with Broward Family Acupuncture​
Tuesday: Mommy & Baby Yoga with Ish
Wednesday: Acupuncture
Thursday; Chiropractic Care...
Call to schedule for holistic care ;)

Check out some great like-minded events

Natural BirthWorks is a Holistic Wellness Center in Coral Springs, check out some of their upcoming events:
Need affordable Acupuncture? Yohi will be offering her amazing services at BirthWorks on Mondays and Wednesdays call to schedule your visit!
Interested in Homeopathic care for the family? Our homeopath treats chronic or acute, infant and adults. She also provides homeopathic vaccines, Nosodes, and her consult for info on this is only $75! She is at our office every other Tuesday, call to schedule!
Breastfeeding support group is back on!! Monthly at BirthWorks, see you all Tuesday at 10am!
In need of a Lactation Consultant? Sandy is our best! Contact the office to set up a visit.
Sandy will also be teaching a monthly Breastfeeding 101 and Pumping 101 class.
Prenatal Yoga this Thursday night!!!!! Mother Earth Cloth Diaper service will provide a quick informative following the class.
We will also have a Postnatal Yoga class that follows the prenatal at 8pm THIS Thursday night! sign up to …

New Holistic Wellness Center in Coral Springs: Natural BirthWorks!

We are so excited to announce Natural BirthWorks has expanded and moved! You now have an amazing Holistic Wellness Center in Coral Springs, centrally located for Deerfield Beach, Delray, Boca, Parkland, Margate, Tamarac, Hillsboro, Coconut Creek clients and more. We are offering so many new and exciting services including:
Midwifery Care Lactation Services Holistic Well Women GYN Homeopathy Acupuncture
Workshops/Classes Chiropractic Care Yoga Belly Binding Babywearing Placenta services and much much more! Take a look at our website and our calendar:

Meet ups and Support Groups

Are you a Stay at home mom? Do you home-school? Or do you just want to meet up with other moms/babies who are like-minded?
Every other Thursday we will have some great moms coming together meet up and have some fun! Organizers will have some fun activities planned for the kids, and the moms can enjoy eachother’s company at the same time!
Natural BirthWorks is a holistic community and we encourage families who are like-minded to join together and enjoy eachother!

Doula Training Workshop

Interested in becoming a doula? Supporting women in labor is such an amazing role another woman can take, we LOVE doulas! If you want to help women and feel a Doula is the path for you, sign up for our certification workshop Feb. 28. Doula Ruth Kraft will be teaching. Breastfeeding class and cert births are required for Doula certification, we got you covered! Price includes Training/materials from Doula Ruth, breastfeeding class from IBCLC Sandy Lo and birth opportunitites from Midwife Gelena Hinkley, and breakfast and coffee mornings of workshop ! We will also be offering an Early Bird registration discount! Follow link for info and to register!

The birth of our Holistic Community

Just so overwhelmed and overjoyed about the new providers and care we can provide to the families in our community! Check out "what's here" at the community made for you. Holistic care is possible and we have brought them to you in one location.

Here are some of the amazing services:

Well Women GYN Care
Yoga (prenatal, postnatal, mommy & baby)
Natural Baby Boutique
Babywearing Classes
Lactation Services
Childbirth Classes