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Support Midwifery Care


We are reaching out to ask for your support as a consumer of midwifery services. The state of Florida has a rich history of midwifery practice, but it has not been without challenges. In fact, our midwifery practice act, Florida Statute 467, was closed in 1984 due to political pressures from the state medical community. Through the hard work and efforts of many midwives, consumers, and lobbyists, we got our law back again in 1992. Because the profession of midwifery has always been under threat, it is absolutely critical that we have an active lobbyist who can advocate on our behalf and ensure that no detrimental legislation is passed in regards to the midwifery profession or its consumers.

In 2016 our act again became the target of proposed legislative changes. There was a potential threat to the Midwifery Practice Act that could have required all women who wish to receive midwifery care to be seen by an OB first to be “approved” for care by a midwife. In additio…