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Interesting article on Orgasmic Birth!

If your gonna have a birth, you may want to make it orgasmic!
This only confirms that birth is where your mind is. If you change your mind set so you don't look at it as a scary, painful experience, then your body won't perceive it to be.
Mind over matter!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways want to wish all of our readers, clients, followers, friends, and family a Happy Thanksgiving!
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World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day, in hopes of raising awareness on the high amount of deaths related to premature babies.
Healthy pregnancy=Healthy birth!
Spread the word, read up and educate women!

Something we already knew

We have been telling our clients in our Childbirth class this for years, but here's an article that backs us up:

Mom's Pregnancy Sealed Your Fate
A mother's cigarettes increase the risk of low birth weight, and alcohol can damage her baby's brain. So why wouldn't unhealthy foods wreak similar havoc? A growing body of science suggests that sugary and fatty foods, consumed even before you're born, do exactly that. A Pennington study on rodents reports that overweight females have higher levels of glucose and free fatty acids floating around in the womb than normal-weight ones do. These molecules trigger the release of proteins that can upset the appetite-control and metabolic systems in the developing brain.

What's true for mice is often true for humans too. Doctors from State University of New York Downstate Medical Center compared children born before their mothers had gastric bypass surgery with siblings born later. Women weighed less after the surgery, as…

Beautiful article on why you should consider a homebirth

This article was sent to us by a fellow midwife. I find it to explain the reason for a homebirth gently, and reasonably. I too had fine experiences at my hospital birth but the postpartum is extremely important and her comments about the newborn exams being able to wait, are correct (minus any emergencies). Hope you share this with other moms who are contemplating where to birth their babies.

Fish Warning!!

Please read and understand which fish is safe and which are not. This is extremely important for women of child-bearing years and pregnant women. The development of the baby can be impaired with uterine exposure to heavy metals. Some of these effects will not be immediately noticeable and can have a more long term effect.

Overdose at Hospital

Unfortunately, we have heard of another error done at a hospital. Details are still coming in but we are praying for a little 7 day old baby girl who was given the wrong antibiotics, and the wrong dose (10x the amount). She seems to be recovering well and we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers!
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P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Welcome!

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We hope to empower more women by having a unique blog like this. P3's blog is meant to give women access to our posts about pregnancy, labor, natural birth, hospital births, water births, VBAC's (vaginal birth after cesearan) and much more, in a way that will inform them of all of their options.
We will posts different educational seminars, and events that we are having along with other educational information. We simply ask for you to join our blog, share this information with other women, and spread the word of natural birth.
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