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Emergency CALL TO our Representatives:
Dear Families, Women, Mothers, and those who support our choice to birth with trained, and skilled Licensed Midwives,
     Women deserve the right to birth with Midwives trained specifically under the Midwives Model of Care, honoring and respecting the normal physiological birthing process. Licensed Midwives enter a rigorous direct-entry school, meet state requirements of births attended, managed and clinical hours completed before being able to take state boards. Then we are required to maintain standards with up to date knowledge by meeting CEU requirements by the state so we can renew our license (which is required every 3 years).
With autonomy, Midwives can provide care to their clients without the influence of medical practices that are causing an increase in our current c/section rate and US maternal morbidity and mortality at such a high rate for a developed country. Midwives providing care with autonomy to low-risk women and then reaching ou…

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