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New Year, New Natural BirthWorks!

Pitocin and ADHD, is there a connection?

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Breech, to be or not to be?

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Breech, to be or not to be?

Breech, to be or not to be?

Against the Medicaid MMA Plans!

Vaginal birth of triplets

Natural Birth with a Homebirth Midwife

Farmer's market you say? How about a Mother's Market

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Natural BirthWorks, a co-op of holistic providers

"Microbirth" Premiere!

Midwife101 online childbirth classes

Hypnobirth series begins

Breastfeeding vs. formula debate

Midwife101 Launches! Online Natural #Childbirth Classes for the masses.

Midwife 101 Online Childbirth Classes to prepare you for a natural birth

Natural Childbirth Class series begins!

Breastfeeding Awareness Week movie night!!

Birth, it happens, and it's really really cool.

Hypnobirthing classes at Natural BirthWorks (@naturalbirthwor)

Fears of a homebirth? Thinking you Need a hospital? Let's examine...

Big Latch On at Natural BirthWorks!!

Online Childbirth Classes by a Licensed Midwife, Lactation Consultant, and a Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist

Babywearing Classes at Natural BirthWorks

Gentle C/sections when a VBAC isn't possible

Bath? Why? That bacteria at birth is GOOD for the baby!

Cord around the neck

Yes I check out the bum!

Your words become your thoughts....

What's a fetoscope and why do midwives use them?

Why all the cesarean sections USA?

Are you spoiling your baby by holding them too much? NO!

VBAC's, Midwives, and Birthworkers join us in helping keep womens maternity rights!