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Homebirths on the rise...,0,1060162.story

The video for the article is a wonderful birth that Gelena Hinkley got to attend. What a great birth, family, and day!

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BreastMilk Pros!!!

Alert! Arsenic now....

Aye aye aye!!! Is anything safe to eat? Well our boobies are still the best, but this is good to be aware of. My only criticism of this article is that it doesn't really state how much WORSE arsenic, and other toxic substance levels would be if it wasn't organic. Just sayin...

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Lead alert! For the ladies, unfortunately!

I'm sorry to have to share this but lead is VERY harmful in the development of the fetus AND is still a main component of the theory of autism due to heavy metals. BEWARE!

Rise of Homebirths....another article

So happy to see coverage on the rise of Homebirths and the benefits of why. Here's another article from Huffington Post that shares some good views as to why women are choosing homebirths, it also explains some obstacles that midwives and clients come across with insurance.

Rise of Homebirths article

This is a great article on confirming that homebirths are safe, which we already knew.

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