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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Help writing a birth plan?

I found this and thought it was a good guide to remind you to stay focused when planning your natural birth. It really just skims the surface on how to start writing your birth plan. A lot of people ask me what they need to bring to birth center or hospital, or what to have at their homebirth. I also get asked what should I write in my birth plan....
I will add to these helpful hints but I have to say I do plan on writing a very detailed list on these 2 topics (birth items to bring or have, and birth plans). They are different though, items to bring are, obviously, items to bring for you and new baby or items to have at home for you and new baby.
Birth plan is your idea of how your birth should go down, interventions, mood, atmosphere, people allowed in the room, care to baby following birth, and the transition of all of this. Both of these things should be respected by your provider and your family.
So keep a look out for things to come but the above is a place to start.... Happy birthing!!
P3 Love.

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