Vaginal twins birth is safe

A new Canadian study shows that planning a c/section for twins does NOT give us a better outcome. It's so important that we remember how extremely imperative it is to keep the confidence in our bodies. When we lose trust in ourselves and what we are capable of, it has a negative domino effect that is beyond comprehension.

Yes you CAN go over 40 weeks with a healthy pregnancy, yes you CAN deliver vaginal breech with a trained professional, yes you CAN breastfeed your newborn, yes you CAN have a safe homebirth with a Licensed Midwife, yes you CAN deliver twins safely through your vagina the way nature intended.

Remind yourselves that your instincts are correct and you must follow them. We sense its wrong when someone tells us we can't do something because instinctively we know we are meant for certain things, and birth is one of them.


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