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Natural BirthWorks opening event!!

Our co-op shares space with providers who choose to help their clients in the most holistic way. They've joined together in one location so families can reap the benefits of many different forms of holistic care. Please join us for our opening event to meet the providers of this unique space:

Childbirth Class series beginning Aug. 24

Please join us in our wonderful childbirth class series at our NEW location! Classes start Aug. 24, this is a 3 week series, come one come all that are looking to prepare for a NATURAL birth!!/events/325697117566000/

Birth Story of Baby Boy!

Birth Story of Baby boy
Preparation for 9 Month:
·Personal Trainer twice per week
·Bootcamp 3 times per week
·Yoga (prenatal)
·Pilates for flexibility
·Hypno-Birthing classes
·Birthing Prepatory Course by the Midwife
·Eating healthy
June 19th
I woke up at 11:30PM on June 18th to go to the bathroom (#2).This was unusual for me as I usually do this in the morning.Within the next 30 Minutes I had to go to the bathroom often.I had a lot of mucus come out; that could only be my mucus plug coming out and then my water broke. After that I tried to go back to bed and sleep but couldn’t anymore.So I walked around and tried to relax.At around 1:15AM I decided to wake up () and we started keeping track of my contractions at 1:39AM. They started out at three minutes apart, lasting 45 Seconds to one minute and then progressed to between two to three minutes apart by 2:15AM.Quickly Rich and I decided that I should take a bath and sit out the contractions in warm water, which felt much better.After ab…

Natural BirthWorks Opening Event!!

Press Release
Natural Birthworks Kicks Off With Community Meet & Greet.
First-of-its kind holistic cooperative in Broward County seeks to educate and empower women.
Oakland Park, FL: Natural Birthworks will hold its inaugural event, a community meet-and-greet, on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 6:30pm at its location on Commercial Boulevard just two blocks east of I-95. Attendees from the community, including local media, are invited to come learn about the services offered and speak with the organization’s practitioners. Refreshments and raffle packages will also be offered for a small donation to benefit underserved pregnant women in South Florida.
The first of its kind in Broward County, Natural Birthworks seeks to create a space where women and their families have access to a variety of holistic services under one roof. Practitioners will include Licensed Midwives, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, Doulas, Chiropractors, Holistic Pediatricians, Childbirth Educators, Placenta…