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New Year, New Natural BirthWorks!

We are so excited to ring in the New Year with a bigger and better Natural BirthWorks community for you South Florida!
Starting February we are scheduling appointments and booking classes! Please call (954) 960 3213 for info or to schedule. Here is all the amazing services at our natural community:

-Natural Boutique (cloth diapers, vegan soaps, herbal baths/pads, designer nursing bra's and more)
-Well Women GYN care with our CNM Judy
-Midwifery Care
-Lactation Consults
-Breastfeeding/Pumping classes
-Childbirth classes in spanish and english
-Chiropractor (yes works on pregnant moms, and newborns)
-Homeopath (Treats adults and Infants)
-Prenatal Yoga, Yoga, Mommy & Baby Yoga
-OB ultrasounds
-Community Outreach (prenatal care, lactation services for uninsured)
Check out our website for more info:

Pitocin and ADHD, is there a connection?

The movement towards natural birth is on the rise, but why? Is it because it's a fad or is it because people are slowly starting to realize the dangers of all of the new interventions occurring in birth and the rise of many developmental disorders in our children?
Many different factors can lead to one thing, I do believe this. However, we should not rest on this fact and neglect even the smallest of connections to modern intervention in birth land.
If we learn that Pitocin and other drugs used unnecessarily and routinely in labor lead to any change in the development of our children then we deserved to be informed. We not only need to be informed but we NEED this type of research to continue so we can remove even the smallest of factors that can contribute to anything negative in our children and provide them with fair chance.
Here is some research that has come out that concludes that there seems to be enough of a connection to warrant further, larger, testing.

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Breech, to be or not to be?

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Breech, to be or not to be?: We have become so used to hearing c/section that I think we forget how major it is. So major in fact that if we had the choice for safety...

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Breech, to be or not to be?

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Breech, to be or not to be?: We have become so used to hearing c/section that I think we forget how major it is. So major in fact that if we had the choice for safety...

Breech, to be or not to be?

We have become so used to hearing c/section that I think we forget how major it is. So major in fact that if we had the choice for safety of mom, you would choose vaginal delivery. So why do some normal, albeit not always common, births just go straight to c/sections? Twins and Breech come to mind but this article shows not only the beauty, and normalcy of breech but explains why it's ok! Here's one of many great pictures taken at this great breech vaginal delivery

Against the Medicaid MMA Plans!

I'm a midwife, and a Medicaid provider. It allows me to serve the low-income women in my community and provide them with exceptional maternity care. 
Although medicaid payout to its providers is always on the lower end, they were usually very good about paying what they agreed to and in a timely fashion. 
In 2011, A program was passed by law and a lot of families on Medicaid have been asked to pick HMOs as part of their new MMA program (medical managed assistance program).
Since then we as Mediciad providers have been battling. We are battling for appropriate pay, we are battling for all services rendered to be reimbursed, and we are battling for this to occur in a timely fashion.
This not only effects providers but medicaid recipients. Many providers, to avoid issues, drop medicaid all together. Who suffers with this? The low income families on medicaid.
It's not right to them and it's not right to us as providers.
I encourage all of you to stand with me on Sunday, make our voi…

Vaginal birth of triplets

I stumbled upon this article and had to share. This article sums up a mothers determination, education, trust, and support. The desire to have a vaginal birth is instilled in us for a reason, we're not trying to be show-offs or win some award, we instinctively understand the benefits of the process.
Pregnancy is the beginning of the journey a woman embarks on that leads her to motherhood, but birth is the climatic transition. The benefits are so important to us that we go through enormous intensity to do it. This process, this journey, this transition, must be honored. We should not rush this, numb this, or try to undermine the importance of it. Unnecessary c/sections, and the overuse of epidurals do just that.
Try to educate and empower yourself on this journey and most importantly enjoy it!

P3 Birth

Natural Birth with a Homebirth Midwife

There is a fear about natural birth in general. Is it painful? Can I handle it? Will something go wrong? There is also a fear of women in general. This is evident due to: differential pay, depicting women as weak in film, and showing the birth of human life as gross, scary, and unsafe.
Bringing into the world a new soul that can think, learn, love, and create amazing things is done by a woman. She also knows how to feed that amazing soul with just her breasts and if that being becomes sick, she has some instinctual knowledge handed down from her for-mothers that can remedy the ailment.

If men had babies, they would be Gods. Women once were looked at as Goddesses for bringing human life into the world. Seminole Indians were Matriarchal. Much of our old society, our old world, honored the woman. What happened in the last 2000 years? The young Buddha learned on his journey that jealousy, greed, and envy twisted the kindness of humans and turned them evil.

Midwives, one of the oldest &quo…

Farmer's market you say? How about a Mother's Market

Here's a great idea, Farmer's Markets! We support local farms, people, and food! We also set a great example for our youth. Working as a birthworkers we get to really know the families that we help. We also get a great insight into some of the amazing skills they have. Many of these families can’t share their products with others because the realities of life make it hard. Whether they have to return to work to pay the bills, or they don’t have enough money for the start-up costs to really launch something, or they don’t have a place to showcase, we wanted to help them out and Mother’s Market was born!
Since our non-profit, All Women Matter, also helps uninsured pregnant women in the community all proceeds will go towards this non-profit. Once a month we will have vendors who carry these credentials:
-handmade (not a family selling large corporate products, rather a skilled person who’s making something or doing something)
-local (our sellers will be people in your community, tho…

October Newsletter at Natural BirthWorks!

See all the new happenings at Natural BirthWorks in Fort Lauderdale, FL!!

Natural BirthWorks, a co-op of holistic providers

Natural BirthWorks is a co-op of birthworkers who have united in one space to provide holistic care to their community. The providers in Natural BirthWorks range from all areas of women and families health.

Our co-op started with the need to educated women on the beauty and benefits of natural birth. When our midwife saw that many women were not aware of how normal the birth process is, and how well it flows when a women is in control of her environment, she realized she needed to make them aware. It became extremely important for her that women and families know that birth, parenting, and our health is something we need to take into our hands with proper guidance and education. Going through the amazing natural birth journey with all of the powerful families, she saw that many wanted natural care there after. This is when our midwife decided to create a co-op of birthworkers who could join together as a stronger front to empower and educate our community on the benefits of holistic c…

"Microbirth" Premiere!

A feature-length documentary asking if interventions in childbirth could be damaging the long-term health of our children with consequences for all of humanity. 
*We will have a Q&A discussion with professionals following the film.

Midwife101 online childbirth classes

Look where Midwife101 is popping up! Sign up to have the birth of your dreams!!

Hypnobirth series begins

Hypnobirthing coming to Natural BirthWorks

Breastfeeding vs. formula debate

So I stumbled upon this article/blog and had some thoughts that I feel are important to factor in when judging the issue:
I think there are differences between choosing formula because:  -it's easier -I was told I don't make enough milk -Medical reasons -I don't like to breastfeed And I don't think it's fair to place these reasons in the same category.
Having medical reasons that do not allow you to nourish your baby with your breast is one thing, and choosing formula because you were either not properly educated in the benefits so unable to make a true choice or just being indifferent to breastfeeding is a completely different thing. 

Midwife101 Launches! Online Natural #Childbirth Classes for the masses.

Midwife101 is an Online Natural Child Birth Classes series taught by Licensed Midwife Gelena Hinkley LM, CPM Owner and operator of a busy homebirth practice launches a world-class, expertly produce online child birth education series to empower women around the world to have the most natural, peaceful and un-medicated birth possible. If your having a hospital birth, birth center birth or a home birth, watching these video classes from the comfort of your home allows you to repeat watch, watch the breathing and pushing techniques while in labor, take the breastfeeding course again after baby is born. Find us at online child birth classes, midwife, midwifery, homebirth, water birth, VBAC, online b…

Midwife 101 Online Childbirth Classes to prepare you for a natural birth

This online childbirth class series is taught by a Licensed Midwife, an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a Registered/Licensed Dietician.
As a member you are able to access all the segments for 12 months, this way you can view each segment when needed. This way the breastfeeding portion or the newborn care (for example) can be viewed again when baby has arrived.
Take the time to ask the midwife questions, download any worksheets, and really enjoy the journey you and your baby are embarking on.

Natural Childbirth Class series begins!

If your goal is a natural birth, and you want to know what to expect, please join our series!
This is a childbirth education series so there are MANY topics covered, including:
Anatomy and Physiology of mom and baby
Stages of Labor
Coping techniques
Addressing fears
Practice labor vs. true labor
What to expect
Newborn Care
Please RSVP so I can have enough packets and gift bags for all!!

Cost: $75, (Medicaid and P3 clients are no charge)

Breastfeeding Awareness Week movie night!!

Join us for a movie night!! Great way to conclude Breastfeeding Awareness Week with a documentary, The Milky Way. Grab a pillow, some popcorn, and get cozy at Natural BirthWorks!

Birth, it happens, and it's really really cool.

My thought of the day: if someone said to me "hey come swim in the pool with me" I would say "cool, ok" but if they said "hey come swim in the pool with me, I'm going to be close by, just in case, with great resuscitation equipment, just in case, and great of the line in fact to be there just in case" I would be like "oh why what's wrong with the pool? Is the water ok? Do I need to do something special? Do I know how to swim? Well what if I don't do it right? Ya know what, never-mind I don't want to swim". The seed of fear of childbirth is planted far too early, and it takes a whole lot of preparation, trust, and support to break through that you can go ahead and jump in that pool, it'll be great! 

Hypnobirthing classes at Natural BirthWorks (@naturalbirthwor)

Get ready we will be starting HYPNOBIRTHING!!
Learn Relaxation Techniques so that you can give your baby a welcome that is calm, gentle, and safe.

Achieve birth fulfillment--awake and alert--in a totally relaxed state of mind and body.
HypnoBirthing® Classes are taught in a format of five, 2 1/2-hour classes. If you are very near to your birthing time, I can make special arrangements for individual classes with you.

-What You Will Learn

Unit 1: Building A Positive Expectancy

• Introduction to the remarkable HypnoBirthing® philosophy
• The History of Women and Birthing
• Why and how you can have an easier, more comfortable, and safer birthing
• How Nature perfectly designed women’s bodies to birth
• How to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts
• The vocabulary for calm and gentle birthing.
• Visualizing gentle births by viewing beautiful birthing videos

Unit 2: Falling in Love with Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body

• The remar…

Fears of a homebirth? Thinking you Need a hospital? Let's examine...

I think this is what I have the hardest time with. It's true with birth comes a possibility of issues. Does this mean we need to be in a hospital? Well I think you need to examine the possible issues, see what may cause them, then have a plan to help lessen the probability right?
This article truly helps you understand what really puts you at risk and how to avoid potential problems!

Big Latch On at Natural BirthWorks!!

Can't wait to see you all al this fun event on Saturday!!remember get there by 9:45 so you have time to register..

Online Childbirth Classes by a Licensed Midwife, Lactation Consultant, and a Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist

Preparing for a natural birth is such an important piece in preparing you for your journey to motherhood. Understanding what changes will happen to your body, how to stay healthy for you and baby, what to expect when labor kicks in, how to time contractions, and when baby is born how to be fully prepared for an enjoyable breastfeeding experience and excellent newborn care is critical.

I am a Licensed Midwife in Florida, and throughout my journey of motherhood and midwifery I realized that women were not being empowered and educated properly on this magical journey. Awareness and education is exactly what women need so they can step into their motherhood role with confidence.

We have organized an amazing online childbirth class series that does just that, empowers, and educates. It was very important to myself and the professional team in the series that we gave you knowledge that was up to date, accurate, and truly informative. We want the choices that present as you enter parenthood t…

Babywearing Classes at Natural BirthWorks

NEW Beginner Wrap Series will begin this Sunday from 2-4pm at Natural Birthworks. Three class series (July 20, August 3, 17th). $20/class or $50 for all three if paid in advanced.

Advanced Wrap Class Series 2-4pm Starting on August 24th (every other weekend). (August 24, September 7, 21)$20/class or $50 for all three if paid in advanced.

Registration is required for both and the is a class limit. Location is Natural BirthWorks 221 E. Commercial Blvd. Oakland Park, Fl. 33334.

Gentle C/sections when a VBAC isn't possible

I always have a soft spot for VBAC's. I think it's mainly due to the fact that I am a VBAC or because I know how possible it truly is.
So when my client came to me wanting a VBAC I thought nothing of it. We went about our time together prenatally, tending to her, checking on her and baby, making sure all was ok and it was. All the way until we got to 40weeks. I always recommend moms get a Biophysical exam around 41wks so we can ensure all is well and can continue to our legal 42wks gestation.
Now at each prenatal I do palpation, and I usually know a head from a butt any old day of the week. Well this little stinker had me for a loop, I knew baby wasn't well positioned but I still felt that head was down and butt was up, or so I thought.
After my client got her 41wk ultrasound she calls me and the first words out of her mouth were, "he's breech". I was stunned. Her first c/s was due to breech and it had been her fear all along. I felt such a heavy weight fall …

Bath? Why? That bacteria at birth is GOOD for the baby!

The usual drill is to wipe the effluvia of birth off of newborn babies, cleaning them up and readying them for snuggling.

This is not the usual drill for Licensed Midwives.
I think it may be due to the fact that our profession, midwifery, has been around since the biblical times. We trust and value the way we were created and know that each step carries its own weight of benefits. It vital, since most births in the US are now down at hospitals, that OB providers start researching and incorporating these important steps into the births they see and do.
We have been noticing a rise in awareness and request for a "gentle C-sections" when C-section is necessary. I think woman are starting to go back to trusting themselves and their bodies and wanting what's best for them, not the provider.

I like this article because it values the natural birth process and tries to incorporate the many benefits of that into the C-section (if necessary).…

Cord around the neck

The presence of a nuchal cord is a very common occurrence during birth. Around a third of all babies are born with the umbilical cord around their neck. How and when it ends up there will be different for individual babies.

Definitely read the part that says 'Risks associated with clamping and cutting a tight nuchal cord'. I wish more OB's followed these guidelines.

What a beautiful video at the end! Look how many times that cord is wrapped around!!!

Yes I check out the bum!

I love this article! Finally an article that explains why my assistants and myself are always looking at a laboring woman's bum! The purple line.
I try to give women privacy in labor, it helps with the flow of oxytocin and melatonin plus its more relaxing for her. The goal is to allow the natural process to occur, to allow the women to connect and be in the moment, to allow the bond between spouse to grow, and to allow the baby to do it's job with no interference, right? So why do we try to keep putting our hands in the path of exit? So WE can know how far along a laboring woman is? Seems a bit selfish to me which is why knowing and understanding other ways to observe the progress of labor is critical for an enjoyable, natural birth.
Enjoy the reading!

Your words become your thoughts....

I always find it funny when I sit with one of my moms and we discuss her maternity care. I get a lot of questions about birth, "what should I expect?" and "what should I do?". My answer is always "well what do you want to do?" That's when I chuckle, their face is so perplexed.
By telling moms what is "allowed", or "not allowed" we have removed their power, instincts, and confidence. Pregnancy and birth is a critical time for all of those feelings to be put to use!
This is such a great article that explains how to pick up on providers who fall into this and providers who trust you!

What's a fetoscope and why do midwives use them?

The fetoscope is the modern combination of both the stethoscope and the Pinnard Horn. It uses the practitioner's forehead, or in some cases hand, to conduct sound and has a more modern look to the whole device, being made from metal and plastic compared to the wooden Pinnard Horn. It does not use ultrasound.

I normally introduce the fetoscope around 22wks which is when I can pick up sound. I use this because as a midwife I try to utilize the tools that allow for the most least invasive care to the growing baby. We try to provide the most natural home for the baby and not distrupt the careful flow. 

It's my belief that the baby and body has built in mechanisms to keep itself safe and it is hard to determine if over use of the Doppler can distrupt that.
Discuss this option with your provider  and see if this is a good option for you.

Why all the cesarean sections USA?

It may seem shocking to think that maybe some providers are looking to have your birth go a different way for a reason that isn't to "healthy"?
Check out this article on the rise in c/sections, why they feel women are having so many today, and also why it's some towns top priority

Are you spoiling your baby by holding them too much? NO!

This article gives you a great, quick explanation of why babywearing is amazing, and why babies need their moms so much!
Many of us fear we "spoil" our babies because we hold them too much. Babywearers are constantly dealing with people telling us that. However, it's in this article, and something we figured instinctively, that spoiling just isn't the case.
Our primitive selves instinctively know what we need for survival and its those instincts that we should listen to!

VBAC's, Midwives, and Birthworkers join us in helping keep womens maternity rights!

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter because it is important that we, as midwives, birthworkers, and women join together with support especially in times of need. Support for each other shows knowledge, unity, confidence, and much, much more.
I am a Licensed Midwife in the State of Florida (cesarean rate of 37.8%) and perform VBAC’s at clients homes. I myself am a VBAC mother of five.

I recently had a run in with an OB from Plantation General Hospital (cesarean rate of 44.7) where I needed to transfer a client who was attempting a VBAC. The on-call Dr. was not only completely rude, which happens, but also threatened to “make sure I never practiced medicine again”. He then, in the following weeks, proceeded to file a formal complaint with the Department of Health stating “In my opinion, VBAC’s should only be allowed in a hospital setting”. Personally, I know of only two VBAC friendly doctors in the state of Florida, although more claim they do perform VBAC’s at the hospit…