April Awareness Month

Tomorrow starts a big month for me for "awareness". April is Autism Awareness month and Cesarean Awareness month, both of which are close to my heart.
My oldest is autistic and this journey feels never ending. Without the support groups, the sharing of knowledge, and alternative methods, I truly don't know if I'd be looking at the same Emily that I look at every morning.
I was blessed to come across www.generationrescue.org and learn so much more than is commonly known. I'm also thankful for the constant learning I receive since she isn't cured yet.
7, almost 8 years ago, I had a c/section. I carried twins to term and then some! I wasn't a midwife yet, I wasn't as strong and knowledgeable as I am now and continue to become and I didn't have the support that I needed to avoid it.
It's with that experience that I do VBAC's even when I get hassled and harassed. I strive to help women be more knowledgeable than I was, and support them to make a safe, healthy decision. These sites like: http://www.improvingbirth.org/induction-c-section-vbac-facts/ are so important for us women to make properly educated decisions for ourselves. I was lucky and got my VBAC and I will continue to help others get theirs!
So this month is big for me, it touches my heart on many levels. I never know what to do this month to celebrate this but one year I'm sure I'll think of something good but for now, I'll just keep bringing the awareness to others, supporting the cause, and helping the people ;)



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