No your labor hasn't stalled, no it's not failure to progress

It's amazing to me how those who don't observe natural labor very often like to comment on how it should flow. Although, it does make sense that if I were to walk into a hospital, since I'm a homebirth midwife, my whole body freezes up. I guess I could see how, if I was in labor, some may see that as a "stalled" labor or (my all time favorite) "failure to progress". Truly though its "I'm impatient" and "Your body is going to slow for me". Me me me, I I I. Labor is not about the provider but about the woman.
I think we all know each women is different and with nature, and natural birth, we never know what to expect. It's important to really know this and trust in it. There is a reason for everything and this article shows why labor may be taking a bit "longer" than expected and some things you can do about it. Well written article and I truly hope a lot of providers read this and remind themselves of this truth.


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