Bath? Why? That bacteria at birth is GOOD for the baby!

The usual drill is to wipe the effluvia of birth off of newborn babies, cleaning them up and readying them for snuggling.

This is not the usual drill for Licensed Midwives.
I think it may be due to the fact that our profession, midwifery, has been around since the biblical times. We trust and value the way we were created and know that each step carries its own weight of benefits. It vital, since most births in the US are now down at hospitals, that OB providers start researching and incorporating these important steps into the births they see and do.
We have been noticing a rise in awareness and request for a "gentle C-sections" when C-section is necessary. I think woman are starting to go back to trusting themselves and their bodies and wanting what's best for them, not the provider.

I like this article because it values the natural birth process and tries to incorporate the many benefits of that into the C-section (if necessary).


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