Birth, it happens, and it's really really cool.

My thought of the day: if someone said to me "hey come swim in the pool with me" I would say "cool, ok" but if they said "hey come swim in the pool with me, I'm going to be close by, just in case, with great resuscitation equipment, just in case, and great of the line in fact to be there just in case" I would be like "oh why what's wrong with the pool? Is the water ok? Do I need to do something special? Do I know how to swim? Well what if I don't do it right? Ya know what, never-mind I don't want to swim". The seed of fear of childbirth is planted far too early, and it takes a whole lot of preparation, trust, and support to break through that you can go ahead and jump in that pool, it'll be great! 


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