Natural Birth with a Homebirth Midwife

There is a fear about natural birth in general. Is it painful? Can I handle it? Will something go wrong? There is also a fear of women in general. This is evident due to: differential pay, depicting women as weak in film, and showing the birth of human life as gross, scary, and unsafe.
Bringing into the world a new soul that can think, learn, love, and create amazing things is done by a woman. She also knows how to feed that amazing soul with just her breasts and if that being becomes sick, she has some instinctual knowledge handed down from her for-mothers that can remedy the ailment.

If men had babies, they would be Gods. Women once were looked at as Goddesses for bringing human life into the world. Seminole Indians were Matriarchal. Much of our old society, our old world, honored the woman. What happened in the last 2000 years? The young Buddha learned on his journey that jealousy, greed, and envy twisted the kindness of humans and turned them evil.

Midwives, one of the oldest "professions" that we can date back to, honored the birthing woman and followed her lead. We learn from them that by respecting this process the new soul could enter this world with love, and light. This child could prosper and flourish, as humans do. Natural birth was sacred, honored, and appreciated for the amazing transition that it is.

It's easy to lose sight of something so magical in a world run by money, greed, jealousy, and envy. I share these pictures with you, that will hopefully allow you a moment of peace to remember how truly awe-inspiring birth is, and should be.

P3 Love,
A midwife


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