Natural BirthWorks, a co-op of holistic providers

Natural BirthWorks is a co-op of birthworkers who have united in one space to provide holistic care to their community. The providers in Natural BirthWorks range from all areas of women and families health.

Our co-op started with the need to educated women on the beauty and benefits of natural birth. When our midwife saw that many women were not aware of how normal the birth process is, and how well it flows when a women is in control of her environment, she realized she needed to make them aware. It became extremely important for her that women and families know that birth, parenting, and our health is something we need to take into our hands with proper guidance and education. Going through the amazing natural birth journey with all of the powerful families, she saw that many wanted natural care there after. This is when our midwife decided to create a co-op of birthworkers who could join together as a stronger front to empower and educate our community on the benefits of holistic care.
*If you are interested in a space to use for a support group, meet up, classes, workshops, or to see your holistic clients, please email Gelena at
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