Against the Medicaid MMA Plans!

I'm a midwife, and a Medicaid provider. It allows me to serve the low-income women in my community and provide them with exceptional maternity care. 
Although medicaid payout to its providers is always on the lower end, they were usually very good about paying what they agreed to and in a timely fashion. 
In 2011, A program was passed by law and a lot of families on Medicaid have been asked to pick HMOs as part of their new MMA program (medical managed assistance program).
Since then we as Mediciad providers have been battling. We are battling for appropriate pay, we are battling for all services rendered to be reimbursed, and we are battling for this to occur in a timely fashion.
This not only effects providers but medicaid recipients. Many providers, to avoid issues, drop medicaid all together. Who suffers with this? The low income families on medicaid.
It's not right to them and it's not right to us as providers.
I encourage all of you to stand with me on Sunday, make our voices loud, and let our elected officials know before we vote on November 4 that this is not acceptable!


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