Pitocin and ADHD, is there a connection?

The movement towards natural birth is on the rise, but why? Is it because it's a fad or is it because people are slowly starting to realize the dangers of all of the new interventions occurring in birth and the rise of many developmental disorders in our children?
Many different factors can lead to one thing, I do believe this. However, we should not rest on this fact and neglect even the smallest of connections to modern intervention in birth land.
If we learn that Pitocin and other drugs used unnecessarily and routinely in labor lead to any change in the development of our children then we deserved to be informed. We not only need to be informed but we NEED this type of research to continue so we can remove even the smallest of factors that can contribute to anything negative in our children and provide them with fair chance.
Here is some research that has come out that concludes that there seems to be enough of a connection to warrant further, larger, testing.


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