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We have started this blog to keep our followers informed about new events in our community, up-to-date information regarding pregnancy and birth, and relevant articles and information that we come across. We serve much of South Florida, but with this blog we will be able to reach and inform so many more women. Please let other women know so they can receive the same knowledge! P3 Love!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The birth of our Holistic Community

Just so overwhelmed and overjoyed about the new providers and care we can provide to the families in our community! Check out "what's here" at the community made for you. Holistic care is possible and we have brought them to you in one location. www.naturalbirthworks.com

Here are some of the amazing services:

Well Women GYN Care
Yoga (prenatal, postnatal, mommy & baby)
Natural Baby Boutique
Babywearing Classes
Lactation Services
Childbirth Classes

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