Money shot

Being a midwife I always tend to crave photos, videos, anything that captures the most amazing moment in a woman's life. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a midwife or because I didn't get a lot of those "money" shots with my 5 kids. Either way when someone asks me if they think having a photographer at their birth is worth it, it's a yes every time.
I'll admit I even move out of the way and gesture to them to take the picture. I just know how much work labor and birth is, and when the woman looks back and is reminded of her strength it's truly priceless.
I remember one homebirth I was doing and there was no photographer but the husband trying to capture the moment. The baby was being born en caul (still in the sac) and I'm telling him "did you get that? did you get that pic of the bag?" It was the money shot. The shot that reminds you of the true amazement of life. Reminds you that we are so small compared to nature and the natural process.
I've been lucky, I always get the front seat of the show. I know how encouraging, amazing, and empowering it is for the woman to reflect on later so if your deciding if a photographer would be a good idea? I say "get the money shot".
Here's a few I love;


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