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Homebirths and Emergencies

I often get families who choose not to do a homebirth because they're afraid that "something might happen". It's a valid fear however it shows the lack of understanding of what a Midwife is and what she does.
Midwives training is designed to know what the normal process of labor is, how it varies, and when are those variables actual red flags. We then have training to prepare us for the "what if's". It's why we have to carry oxygen, resuscitation equipment, IV supplies, antibiotics, suturing equipment, pitocin, and our homeopaths and herbs. We very much understand the natural process and like to prepare for quick changes.
We also are trained how to handle those quick changes in a comfortable, natural, calm setting with mom and family close by to understand what's happening and be involved in the choices that will need to be made.
It's sad to see a birth choice made, that wasn't the true birth choice, simply because a family didn't un…