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Quiet birth of a VBAC Princess

I had the honor of attending a beautiful birth last night. I've attended many beautiful births and I likely will attend many more, but each one is unique in its own way.
This mom had sought me out at the very beginning of her pregnancy. She had a cesarean section with her first when she was quite young and many years later she found herself wanting the natural waterbirth at home.
When I met with her she was so quiet and timid that I truly didn't think I'd see her again. I was happily surprised when she called weeks later to schedule her initial visit.
I'm a bit passionate when it comes to those wanting a VBAC. I feel it's so amazing that they have chosen this path and I want to make sure they get to experience all the beauty it can be. So needless to say, I was happy about it.
When the time came for her labor, we had quite a few "practice" labor checks because, well truly because I couldn't tell how intense anything was because she was SO quiet and ti…