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Be the change, my journey to zero waste with 5 kids

I think when my first daughter was born is when something sparked inside of me to better the earth and the beings on it. It was a small spark back then so it's infancy didn't show much change in my life, maybe a few food choices that were different. I remember removing partially hydrogenated oils at first and making sure my daughter had at least "one green a day" but that was all.
I guess subconsciously I realized that how I left the earth was what she would have to deal with and I certainly didn't want to leave her a mess. I also think my growing understanding of what you put out is what you get pushed me to want to put out good so I could get good.
So I can safely say this journey really started 16 years ago when she arrived but the effort is just beginning now. You see going zero waste and being eco-friendly isn't easy. We actually used to have to do physical labor before all these desks jobs arrived. An effort is necessary since the earth puts out effort …

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