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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interesting natural birth of triplets article

Hello All!
I stumbled upon this article and felt it important to share on my blog. The stigma of homebirths, natural births, and midwives really "urks" the heck out of me!
I wish more people understood not only how safe it can be for low-risk women but how benefical it is to us as a society. The empowerment of knowing your body works the way nature intended, the beauty of experiencing what your child is going through at the time of delivery, hearing the signals the body gives to you during the process, accepting the feeling. This not only gives women the confidence they deserve but that confidence trickles down to how the mother is seen by the family as a whole. It's important. It's a right of passage.
 Anywhooo, with that said, here is a article I wanted to share...

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