Midwife Mania!!!

I do love the title of this Time's article: Midwife Mania? More U.S. Babies than Ever Are Delivered by Midwives
I also like how in the article they note how many other places around the globe, Midwives are the norm.
I suppose my biggest issue is that why do we still look at going to a hospital for sick people the correct place to bring our newborns into the world?
When I was young, maybe 10 or so, it was hard for the hospital nurses to let me in to see my grandfather who was ill. Yet, we freely, and gladly bring ourselves to this SAME location to bring our fresh newborn babies into the world. We need to rethink what is "norm" here, and start to understand what is natural.


  1. So well said. the article was great too. Thanks for sharing.


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