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Newborn bath, THEY ARE NOT DIRTY!

I preach often how newborns aren't dirty. Yes some birth "particles" get on them but nothing that isn't going to be beneficial! There are a few situations where I would say, "sure wash baby" maybe if mom has a contagious virus. Honestly what is going to get on baby that hasn't gotten there already? Here is a great article supporting my thoughts:

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Pitocin vs. Oxytocin

Here's a great article on the differences between synthetic pitocin and natural oxytocin...

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This article reinforces why I am a midwife and am so happy to do what I do

It's always nice when an article comes out that truly helps you explain to people what you've been trying to get them to understand for some time now. Humans question things, I get it and think thats the smart thing to do. However, sometimes, for people like me it's hard to show or prove something we know. When you have an article that comes out and pretty much sums it up for you, it gives you a sigh of relief. "Ahhh, there! This is what I've been trying to say". So please take the time to read this article because "This is what I've been trying to say".

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What to do when life continues after baby and your partners back to work??

Working with all the families that I've been touched by, I have noticed an issue that always seems to bear its ugly head when the work day returns!
I know we all know about postpartum blues, breastfeeding issues, the "supermom" syndrome, but now we have this problem of what to do when the spouse has to go back to work.
It's always so nice to have the extra set of hands, the middle of the night person who you can freely wake up (and not feel guilty) but, unfortunately, the time comes when they must go back to work.
To prevent depression, or sadness there is an article that has a few good pointers. I have reviewed and I do feel these are good steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

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