A picture says a thousand words...

I always say how lucky I am because I love my job. I'm a midwife, a childbirth educator, a mother, and a wife. I'm blessed in many ways with my family but its hard for them to see me gone for so many hours with no notice at all.
I try to capture images for my family and friends so they can understand where I go and why. Maybe if they see it, and understand the beauty, they won't be so sad when I'm gone.
I've yet to find an image that really made them get it....until now.
I recently had a bit of a birth run, the most births in one day, for me at least. Three women decided to bless me with their labors on the same day, special yes, and extremely stressful since I make it a point to honor the woman choosing me as their midwife, not a back-up. I'm also extremely lucky and blessed to have a great team, and good back up support for rare times like this.
Either way, two of the three births were very quick. They went from 0-60 in under an hour, in labor terms, thats quick! As I was preparing to deliver baby #1 for the day, I yelled for the dad to hurry up and come here if he wanted a good shot (or what I like to call "the money shot"). Well hurry he did, and money shot he got! I knew it captured the essence and beauty of what I do but wasn't sure if the kids would get it.
So as I pick up my kids from school, I said "mommy has a picture to show you from work". My second daughter says "oh, ew", so of course the twins chorus "ew". Then I showed her what would now be my new favorite picture, and she said something that shocked me. My daughter looked at the photo and said "wow, thats a good shot". No ew. No gross. No rolling of the eyes.
So I felt this picture was worthy enough to share with you, in hopes that you can appreciate it as much as myself and my family does.


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