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Natural BirthWorks Monthly Newsletter November 2013

Natural BirthWorks - November Newsletter |
We are delighted to be sending out our first monthly newsletter, designed to help keep you informed on what’s happening at Natural BirthWorks!

As you may already know, Natural BirthWorks is a co-op of providers that share this wonderful space. The goal is to have a diverse group of like-minded holistic providers at one location, readily available to care for women and their families with natural alternative methods. Please check the calendar on our Natural Birthworks website for providers schedule.

In addition, each month we will keep you abreast of any special events, classes, or community events being hosted at NBW. Every newsletter will have a "theme" highlighting one of our providers - so you can learn more about their services.

Current participating providers:

• Gelena Hinkley, Licensed Midwife

• Judith Kaplan, Certified Nurse-Midwife, ARNP

• Dr. Carly Tokar, Family Chiropractor…

Holistic approach to HPV/Cervical Dysplasia

Natural BirthWorks' provider Judy is now treating HPV and cervical dysplasia with a more holistic approach. Tuesday mornings by appt. only.

Midwifery Interview on the air!

It's exciting to see midwives becoming a well known word in our society again. It has been a long journey, owing much thanks to the many granny midwives before us and the dedication and love from the future midwives.
I've always felt blessed when I started my journey into midwifery. I felt blessed because I was able to give women an option, a choice, and a better birth. I also felt blessed because I got to join a community of midwives who are some of the most educated, intelligent, beautiful, well spoken, loving, and dedicated women I've ever met.
Here is a fellow midwife speaking the truth, and enlightening those in the dark about the benefits of Midwifery Care. My friend, and fellow midwife, Jamarah Amani

Homebirths on the rise!

It's always wonderful to see and hear about the rise of homebirths. I think the reason I get so happy is #1 I'm a midwife so thats always a plus!
#2 It makes me happy to know that more women are educating themselves on birth, and becoming aware of their birth options.

The reason why my first 3 births weren't with midwives was because I didn't even know about it! To not even have the option, or knowledge I suppose, to be able to choose or decline is an injustice to a woman. So I'm thrilled to know that women are knowing ALL their options for pregnancy and birth, and hopefully getting educated on it as well, and in-turn, allowing them to make the decision.

Garage Sale/Bake Sale to help us raise money for our non-profit!

FUNdraiser for
our non-profit organization
Sunday October 6, 2013 9am-1pm
We will have toys, children’s clothes, shoes, strollers, maternity clothes, car seats, and MUCH MORE!

Come and enjoy some of our baked goods and lemonade stand (run by the organizations kids)
We are raising money to help fund our non-profit ALL WOMEN MATTER. This organization strives to provide uninsured pregnant women in our community with appropriate prenatal care!/AllWomenMatter

A birth reflection from a VBAC client

I got the privilege of helping a VBAC mama get the birth she dreamed. Granted I met her late, I think 40wks, and all seemed like a Repeat C/S was on the horizon. We proceeded with the knowledge that it would all work out, and work out it did. Here is her latest reflection on her amazing birth compared to her first c/s birth:

"It's amazing how different each birth story is - yet how similar at the same time. I've heard SO many women who are disappointed by the experience they had birthing their child/children. How choices were taken from them, how things weren't explained well so that they knew why things were done, how they didn't get to bond with their baby. Having experienced this myself AND having experienced a birth at home where I was able to eat and drink (and when I didn't drink enough and almost needed an IV, I was given the opportunity to drink more so that I wouldn't be constricted by the IV), I was able to change positions to help Thomas make hi…