A birth reflection from a VBAC client

I got the privilege of helping a VBAC mama get the birth she dreamed. Granted I met her late, I think 40wks, and all seemed like a Repeat C/S was on the horizon. We proceeded with the knowledge that it would all work out, and work out it did. Here is her latest reflection on her amazing birth compared to her first c/s birth:

"It's amazing how different each birth story is - yet how similar at the same time. I've heard SO many women who are disappointed by the experience they had birthing their child/children. How choices were taken from them, how things weren't explained well so that they knew why things were done, how they didn't get to bond with their baby. Having experienced this myself AND having experienced a birth at home where I was able to eat and drink (and when I didn't drink enough and almost needed an IV, I was given the opportunity to drink more so that I wouldn't be constricted by the IV), I was able to change positions to help Thomas make his way into the world naturally AND the BEST of all - I was able to bond with him instantly. It was SO special. I'll never forget that moment. Best feeling in the whole world."

Thought it was inspiring, so I'm sharing with you all.


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