Natural BirthWorks Monthly Newsletter November 2013

Natural BirthWorks - November Newsletter |

We are delighted to be sending out our first monthly newsletter, designed to help keep you informed on what’s happening at Natural BirthWorks!

As you may already know, Natural BirthWorks is a co-op of providers that share this wonderful space. The goal is to have a diverse group of like-minded holistic providers at one location, readily available to care for women and their families with natural alternative methods. Please check the calendar on our Natural Birthworks website for providers schedule.

In addition, each month we will keep you abreast of any special events, classes, or community events being hosted at NBW. Every newsletter will have a "theme" highlighting one of our providers - so you can learn more about their services.

Current participating providers:

• Gelena Hinkley, Licensed Midwife

• Judith Kaplan, Certified Nurse-Midwife, ARNP

• Dr. Carly Tokar, Family Chiropractor

• Toshani - Monica Gonzalez, Yoga Instructor

• Mommycise - Kim Goodman, Fitness Instructor

• Ultrasound & Radiology Specialist - Family Friendly Ultrasounds

• Sandra Lobaina, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

• Jennifer Lopez, Massage Therapist

• Yocheved (Yohi) Popiol, Acupuncturist

Yohi will be doing both private and community practice

~~~~~~~~~~~~November’s theme - Chiropractic Care ~~~~~~~~~~~

Dr. Carly Tokar - Tokar Family Chiropractic

Common chiropractic questions are: What is it? Is it safe? Does it hurt? Why would an expectant mom or child need to see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is a natural, safe, gentle and effective way to address a number of common health conditions & ailments with a holistic and vitalistic approach. Even more importantly it is a proactive lifestyle choice to help promote and maintain optimal health & wellness.

Join us at NBW on
November 17th when Dr. Carly Tokar will discusses the many benefits of chiropractic care for you and your family, as well as answer all of your questions, and even share her personal health story that led her into becoming an advocate for natural health care through chiropractic!


How are we helping the community:

Natural BirthWorks hosts a monthly community outreach event, inviting women and their families to stop in and learn about all of the wonderful care they can receive - and have some fun!

We are fortunate to have onboard several providers offering special rates to help meet your financial situation. Currently "Yohi", our Acupuncturist, offers community visits for those in need; Toshani, our Yoga instructor, offers a Pranayama class at a "love donation". We are in the process of creating a non-profit,
‘All Women Matter’, which will offer prenatal care and breastfeeding support to uninsured women within the community.


We’re excited to join together in one space for your exceptional holistic care!

Please visit us at for more information

Scheduled events, classes, support groups/workshops:

Mondays 8-2:

Dr. Carly Tokar, Tokar Family Chiropractic (by appointment only)

Go to:

Tuesdays 8-2:

Gentle Gynecology and Woman's Holistic Health (by appointment only)

Please call: 561.218.4480 or go to:

nd Tuesday evening of every month:
Breastfeeding 101 with Sandra Lobaina, IBCLC.

RSVP requested, please call: 305.600.8109 or go to:

rd Tuesday evening of every month:
Pumping 101 with Sandra Lobaina, IBCLC RSVP

RSVP requested, please call: 305.600.8109 or go to:

Wednesday 3-9:

Acupuncture by Yohi (by appts. only) call: 774.345.YOHI

Thursday 8-2:

Ultrasound & Radiology Specialists (by appts. only), please call: 954.753.9213

Thursday 3-9:

Mommycise Fitness, must pre-register, go to:

Friday 8-2:

Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways Midwife Gelena (by appt. only) go to:

Friday 3-9:

Massages by Jennifer (by appts. only) go to:

Saturday 8-2:

Yoga by Toshani, first class FREE! To pre-register call Monica: 518.966.6217

Toshani’s proceeds go to helping women heal from domestic violence relationships.


Special Events:

Starting November

Natural BirthWorks will be a breast pump rental location for Spectra breast pumps! Please contact Sandy Lobaina for more details: 305 600 8109

November 9

- Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways will begin a new childbirth class series. This 3 class series prepares you for natural labor and birth. Pre-registration is required, please contact: Gelena 954.780.9033

November 17 -

Meet the providers night! Natural Birthworks hosts a monthly community event for families to come by and learn about the holistic alternative care they can receive at our location. It’s a fun monthly event with snacks, goodies and feature one of our providers!

Date to be announced

- Spirit Birth, Spirit Flow classes with Judith Kaplan, Certified Nurse Midwife, ARNP. For more info please contact Judith 561.218 4480 or go to:

*If would like to receive NBW updates and relevant news, please email


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