6 signs you should dump your prenatal caregiver

I skimmed through this but felt it was pretty dead on! During your pregnancy your provider should not only be checking on you and baby at each prenatal visit but should be listening to you.
If we ignore or don't pay attention to the pregnant mom, we miss a lot, things that could help us provide exceptional care for each client.
The lost art of midwifery and, in my opinion, "care" is due to lack of attention given to each woman. If I don't take the time and listen how do I know if your taking care of yourself? How do I know your able to provide your body with what it needs to create this baby?
This also means that the provider has to be diverse in many areas. Providers need, more like its VITAL, that we educate women in nutrition during pregnancy. This truly is a lost art lately. Preparation is another area in which we have to provide to our moms. If I don't properly prepare the woman for birth, how can I expect it to go so smoothly? Also, what type of experience am I setting her up for if I don't let her know whats to come?
So many providers come in and out in 10 minutes, look at the vitals taken, the bloodwork received and walk out. That is not maternity care. Most Midwives take the time, provide the education and knowledge, and help empower women for the beauty birth is. We also trust in the body a lot more than some. It took 9 months to create this baby, I'm not sure why certain providers expect the baby to pop out in 10 hours, ridiculous if you ask me. You must show patience with a laboring woman, this in turn means you trust the process. If I'm rushing dilation then maybe the mom might think she isn't doing something right, and makes her question herself. This is not what the empowering birth process is all about. In actuality it is the provider who is doing something wrong if they can not learn to sit and wait.
I could rant on forever but take the time to read this article and come to your own conclusion.


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