Be the change, my journey to zero waste with 5 kids

I think when my first daughter was born is when something sparked inside of me to better the earth and the beings on it. It was a small spark back then so it's infancy didn't show much change in my life, maybe a few food choices that were different. I remember removing partially hydrogenated oils at first and making sure my daughter had at least "one green a day" but that was all.
I guess subconsciously I realized that how I left the earth was what she would have to deal with and I certainly didn't want to leave her a mess. I also think my growing understanding of what you put out is what you get pushed me to want to put out good so I could get good.
So I can safely say this journey really started 16 years ago when she arrived but the effort is just beginning now. You see going zero waste and being eco-friendly isn't easy. We actually used to have to do physical labor before all these desks jobs arrived. An effort is necessary since the earth puts out effort …

VBAC Crash Course

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Birth-In NO means NO even in birth!

Join us for a peaceful protest to protect women in labor. This abuse of our body must STOP. A doctor at Plantation General Hospital VIOLATED this woman in labor and he should be shamed. The event is held this Thursday, International Women's Day #metoo#womensmarch#womensrights

Support Midwifery Care


We are reaching out to ask for your support as a consumer of midwifery services. The state of Florida has a rich history of midwifery practice, but it has not been without challenges. In fact, our midwifery practice act, Florida Statute 467, was closed in 1984 due to political pressures from the state medical community. Through the hard work and efforts of many midwives, consumers, and lobbyists, we got our law back again in 1992. Because the profession of midwifery has always been under threat, it is absolutely critical that we have an active lobbyist who can advocate on our behalf and ensure that no detrimental legislation is passed in regards to the midwifery profession or its consumers.

In 2016 our act again became the target of proposed legislative changes. There was a potential threat to the Midwifery Practice Act that could have required all women who wish to receive midwifery care to be seen by an OB first to be “approved” for care by a midwife. In additio…

Midwife 101, your online childbirth class series!

Image just remodeled their website. The content and look was great before but it is definitely more user friendly, and even more beautiful!

The series is run by Midwife Gelena Hinkley who teaches childbirth classes in South Florida and also has a homebirth practice and freestanding birthing center. She put her classes online so moms near and far could better prepare for a natural birth.
You have 3 experts, Gelena the Midwife, Sandra Lobaina the IBCLC and Midwife, and Elizabeth Seeley the Nutritionist providing you this wealth of knowledge.
I encourage you to take a look and empower yourself!

Natural Childbirth Class series

Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways hosts a monthly childbirth class series for all expecting moms. The series is wonderful because it prepares moms on what to expect for a natural birth. Natural birth is becoming a lost art. Midwives, doulas, waterbirths, homebirths, and birth centers are foreign words to some women. This series helps bring back many of the arts of natural birth. Here is the description of everything that's covered and a link to the next class.

Our childbirth education classes are a 3 class series. We focus on natural childbirth and allowing your body to progress the way it is intended. As midwives we teach how the womans body is made for pregnancy and childbirth, rarely allowing for any complications when allowed to progress naturally. The course allows you to see birth as a rite of passage that should be embraced and welcomed, not a painful experience to fear. We believe it is incredibly important for women and their partners to be educated about the process of labor &…

Cloth Diapering Workshop

Join Jessica Lopera for her free Cloth Diaper Workshop! She's the cloth diaper guru who owns Mother Earth Diaper Service. Jessica supports moms with a free educational workshop on cloth diapering at NBW!!!