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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Relay Race Fundraiser for South FL Midwives

P3's Pregnancy Community Blog: Relay Race Fundraiser for South FL Midwives: This is going to be a fun day for a good cause!! Join us for our Relay Race to raise money to help support a lobbyist for South Florida Mid...

Relay Race Fundraiser for South FL Midwives

This is going to be a fun day for a good cause!! Join us for our Relay Race to raise money to help support a lobbyist for South Florida Midwives.
Enjoy competition, exercise, or just clowining around with old school outdoor activities? Couples, families, teams can register to participate in this fun activity-filled race! From planks, push ups, diaper changes, potato sacks, and more! Make sure your partner can keep up because the winner will get a prize!!
Even if your not apart of the race come watch the Midwives and families run around like crazy!
Goodie bag for those who participate, food & drinks will be available for sale (all proceeds from food sales go to organization as well) We have some AMAZING prizes for our Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners!!!
ALL proceeds go straight to our organization to help pay for the lobbyist to protect our law.
April 22, 2017 11-3pm
Participants in the race: $30 for couple and $45 for Business teams (up to 4)
Email us to register info@naturalbirthworks.com !

~http://www.familyspinalcare.com/ Dr. Justin Brown $200 gift certificate

~1 custom essential oil blend from Essence Unearthed @mammaunearthed 

 ~Pro surfer Garrett McNamara, Guinness World Recorder Holder, will donate a signed copy of his memoirs Hound of the Sea and a one on one 1- hour surf or SUP lesson @mcnamara_s 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


What's all the hype about babywearing? It's the best way to carry your baby! I truly could not have survived 5 kids without it.
The key to success with it is learning how to do it correctly. There are so many carriers, techniques, rights and wrongs, do's and don't that it can get confusing and not so fun. It's best to learn from a trained babywearer so that even when your child is 4 (and mine is almost 5) you can still carry them away!
Natural BirthWorks is a great birth center and natural minded center that truly brings back the lost art of care. Their babywearing workshop taught by Zenmamalove  Martha Lerner is awesome! Here's the details for the next workshop:

Babywearing 101
March 19 10:am
contact info@naturalbirthworks.com to register

Friday, February 3, 2017

Homebirths and Emergencies

I often get families who choose not to do a homebirth because they're afraid that "something might happen". It's a valid fear however it shows the lack of understanding of what a Midwife is and what she does.
Midwives training is designed to know what the normal process of labor is, how it varies, and when are those variables actual red flags. We then have training to prepare us for the "what if's". It's why we have to carry oxygen, resuscitation equipment, IV supplies, antibiotics, suturing equipment, pitocin, and our homeopaths and herbs. We very much understand the natural process and like to prepare for quick changes.
We also are trained how to handle those quick changes in a comfortable, natural, calm setting with mom and family close by to understand what's happening and be involved in the choices that will need to be made.
It's sad to see a birth choice made, that wasn't the true birth choice, simply because a family didn't understand the birth process.
Here are some stories from families where some quick changes accord, assistance was needed, and the journey through it.

Nasir was a fairly easy labor, but when he came out he was limp and I guess not breathing on his own. You told me in a very calm manner that you were going to give him a quick breath and he was breathing on his own right after that. Because of your demeanor I had no idea that he was in distress. It took me a while to figure out that something was wrong at all and I probably asked you a couple of times before I understood completely that Nasir was in a little trouble. I still get chills thinking of how well you handled yourself under pressure and made sure not to worry me or my birth team. I know I've said it before but I'm beyond grateful with how you brought my son back to life with those two rescue breaths and kept me calm during the process.

So, little (ok, not so little) Miss Addie...I was in the tub while delivering and was able to get her head out, however, Gelena and Sandy thought she was taking too long to make her complete entrance. They both quickly removed me from the tub and calmly, yet sternly, told me that I had to push and get the rest of her out "now". She wasn't breathing and Gelena calmly asked if she could giver her some mouth breaths...within seconds she was in my arms...I was definitely nervous, but confident that they both were knowledgeable and could handle the situation. I believe had I delivered in a hospital she would have probably been taken away from me to "run some tests" and who knows what else to make it a more stressful situation. If I ever (and it's definitely not in the plans) get pregnant again, I wouldn't hesitate to have these ladies as my midwives! I owe two beautiful, healthy babies to them! P.S....Addie turns 1 on Feb 13! I'm in denial!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

When Ember was born at home in the water, somehow her cord tore soon after birth. This is a very rare occurrence. Gelena noticed as she went to clamp the cord and saw that it was already severed. Knowing that the placenta could resend, she had me move to the couch to deliver the placenta sooner than expected to ensure that it came out whole and did not pose any danger. She handled the situation with clear instructions and there were no further issues. As something unexpected arose, she was attentive to adapt!

 Hannah was born at home in a calm, soothing environment. After having my first daughter with you, I was more than confident in your skills. I was able to completely relax and let go knowing you would be open and honest about everything going on and I wouldn't need to worry about alterior motives. Hannah was born and had a slight murmur. Her skin was still pretty blue after a while. You calmly assessed her and administered an additional test. Knowing what you do about pulse ox levels, you reached out for a second opinion from her pediatrician. You received a response and immediately told me we needed to transport Hannah to the ER. Your way of delivering that news was not only calm and confident, but reassuring that I needed to go and be with my baby and continue that bonding. I'm so thankful we had the gentle home birth and bonding experience that we did. Had I delivered Hannah in a hospital, she would've been stripped away from me immediately, no doubt. With little explanation as to what was going on or when I would be able to see her. I would have been stuck in my hospital bed instead of holding her in my arms in the ER before being admitted to the NICU. She's alive, happy and healthy today, thanks to the knowledge and quick responses of Gelena and Sandy  It was the most beautiful way to undergo that experience that I can imagine.

 My third was my only baby who ever needed any assistance after birth, his color wasn't good and his cry was weak but you gave him a few puffs of air and he was fine. And while I was worried about him, I was not concerned about his safety or your ability to care for him at home. (shameless plug for my blog post about it  http://www.beyondmommying.com/.../my-messy-beautiful.../)

Adaira was fine, but you almost gave her a puff of oxygen before she started crying. And I remember not feeling concerned at all because you were so confident. She had her cord wrapped THREE times around her neck, and people freak about that but I wasn't worried at all. I didn't even know until after lol! Partly because you always encouraged me to research so I knew the real deal about Nuchal cords. But mostly because you were so calm and sure. Even if it had been an issue I absolutely felt safer home with you and Sandy than in a hospital. Not a question. 💕

Friday, December 23, 2016

Money shot

Being a midwife I always tend to crave photos, videos, anything that captures the most amazing moment in a woman's life. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a midwife or because I didn't get a lot of those "money" shots with my 5 kids. Either way when someone asks me if they think having a photographer at their birth is worth it, it's a yes every time.
I'll admit I even move out of the way and gesture to them to take the picture. I just know how much work labor and birth is, and when the woman looks back and is reminded of her strength it's truly priceless.
I remember one homebirth I was doing and there was no photographer but the husband trying to capture the moment. The baby was being born en caul (still in the sac) and I'm telling him "did you get that? did you get that pic of the bag?" It was the money shot. The shot that reminds you of the true amazement of life. Reminds you that we are so small compared to nature and the natural process.
I've been lucky, I always get the front seat of the show. I know how encouraging, amazing, and empowering it is for the woman to reflect on later so if your deciding if a photographer would be a good idea? I say "get the money shot".
Here's a few I love;

Friday, July 15, 2016

Normalizing Homebirths

Why home? Why not?
Homebirths with Licensed Midwives have statistically been shown to have better birth outcomes. Typically you will find the transfer rate low, and in turn lower c/section rates.
I'm sure you can google millions of articles but here's some great videos of what it actually looks like when birth is left to occur on its own. Surrounded by love and support, your birth can be beautiful.

more videos can be viewed here

Friday, December 4, 2015

Birth Center in Broward County!!

Natural BirthWorks will be the FIRST birth center in the Margate/Coral Springs area! Doors will be opening in early 2016 to 2 brand new birthing suites, an open community space, 1 prenatal and 1 lactation room, and a space for families to unite for support groups, meets ups and fun!

The newly renovated birthing cottage will be equipped with beautiful birthing tubs for the wonderful waterbirth experience. These midwives will be following the Midwifery Model of Care that shows outcomes to be extremely successful for the low-risk woman.

They are accepting clients due after March 2016, check out their website www.naturalbirthworks.com and call to schedule your free meet/greet today!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Birth Center in Coral Springs/Margate area to open early 2016!!

Natural BirthWorks needs your help, The Birthing Cottage needs some donations, love, and positive vibes to get through these humps and become THE birth center in the Coral Springs/Margate area!! We know you want a birth center in this area, we know there are birth centers lacking, we know you want a natural birth in a beautiful, safe, environment. DONATE TODAY!! The more birth centers the better!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lost art of Postpartum Care and how it's effecting our families

I couldn't love this article any more than I do! This is why Natural Birthworks​ is bringing back the ancient art of womanly care with belly binding, sacred steams, mayan massages and more support for the postpartum mom.
Women in the U.S. do not support, recognize or aren't given the necessary postpartum time they need and deserve. To me, offering help and support after birth is necessary to ensure a strong mother, and healthy family.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Homebirth safe? Why yes, yes they are

Homebirth is safe for low-risk women. This is something we've known all along. Makes sense right? Birth isn't an emergency even though, yes, emergencies can happen. I mean I can walk out my door and a car hits me, emergency! However, I'm not going to change the severity level of walking. When I walk it's low-risk, same with pregnancy and birth.

This article is a great read for those wanting to know their options and the true safety of them.