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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

History is important, facts are helpful too. The more you know.

So here are some articles that breakdown some unknown facts:
This article: http://www.obgynhistory.com/ shows when c/s started. 1890.
This article: http://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/MaternalInfantHealth/PMSS.html was the earliest I could find on how our maternal mortality is steadily getting worse. This chart starts from 1987, I will continue to try to find earlier.
This article: http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/timeline.asp shows around the time we started to medicalized childbirth 1856.
Then we have this bit of info: The death rate for women giving birth plummeted in the 20th century. The historical level of maternal deaths is probably around 1 in 100 births.[14] Mortality rates reached very high levels in maternity institutions in the 1800s, sometimes climbing to 40 percent of birthgiving women (see Historical mortality rates of puerperal fever). At the beginning of the 1900s, maternal death rates were around 1 in 100 for live births. The number in 2005 in the United States was 11 in 100,000, a decline by two orders of magnitude,[15] although that figure has begun to rise in recent years, having nearly tripled over the decade up to 2010 in California.[16] A maternal mortality rate for the U.S. of 24 per 100,000 was reported for 2008.[11] This change might not actually reflect an increase, due to a change in reporting methods by the CDC in 1999.[17]
and this final article:http://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20130627/c-sections-in-us-stable-after-12-year-rise-cdc shows the popularity of c/s hitting a big peak around 1996-2009. please revert back to the maternal outcomes article....FYI


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Low risk pregnant women, your safer at home!

I'm a midwife. I study low risk women all day, I know normal and this allows me to pick up abnormal quite quickly. This article speaks what midwives before me having be saying since the evolution of hospital births. When those try to oppose this historical fact, its nice to have reporters, and researchers that remind us how very wrong they are.
"Oft quoted research studies state 3X to 10X more babies die in the first week after low risk homebirth than hospital birth.  In order for low risk homebirth to have higher perinatal mortality rates there would have to be a theory to explain this. There would have to be one or more complications of low risk homebirths that result in death in the first week that can be prevented by being in hospital, and death from these complications would have to occur more often than low risk deaths at planned hospital births."



Monday, December 23, 2013

Benefits of delayed cord clamping

I always knew the benefits were great, but sometimes you need a good article to back you up. Here it is: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/11/health/study-endorses-later-severing-of-umbilical-cord.html?_r=0
Take the time, research it. Most midwives practice this as standard of care for all clients, but always a good idea to check with your provider.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting ready to feed your baby solids? Then you MUST read this!!

It's the common go-to, and common error that has been handed down to us, fortunately its a new "tradition".
What to do when its time to feed your baby solids? Well, once your baby has shown you signs that he/she is ready (http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/readyforsolids.htm) then I highly recommend you start some healthy brain developing foods over the "normal" cereals, and here's why: http://ohlardy.com/why-your-baby-should-not-eat-baby-cereal

Know your hospitals c/section rates, 2012

I find it extremely important that if you do choose a hospital birth, you should know about that hospital. One of my first questions would be "what's your c/section rate?". Most don't have a clue, lucky for us we stumbled upon this great site and article that opens our eyes to the $100 question!
I know a lot of these hospitals listed are very "pro natural birth" but when you see the stats, you sometimes wonder. It's important to know, the more you know the better!
I'd love to see a comparison graph that included epidurals....hmm.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Proper childbirth preparation for natural birth

I find it extremely helpful to be prepared. Whether its knowing the weather in the location I'm headed to, or knowing the groceries needed before my trip to the grocery store, being prepared is key! So why do we assume preparing for birth is any different?
If your goal is a natural birth, and you want to know what to expect, please join our series!
This is a childbirth education series so there are MANY topics covered, including:
Anatomy and Physiology of mom and baby
Stages of Labor
Coping techniques
Addressing fears
Practice labor vs. true labor
What to expect
Newborn Care
Please RSVP so I can have enough packets and gift bags for all!!

Cost: $75, (Medicaid and P3 clients are no charge)

Heading back to work, but want to continue breastfeeding??

A lot of women are on to the health benefits of breastfeeding. They no longer buy the 'formula hype', and trust their bodies. I love it. I support it. However, back to the daily grind creeps up on us before we realize and what to do then?
The amazing, in my eyes, lactation consultant Sandy Lobaina with www.mymomglow.com has created a Pumping 101 class. If you live in South Florida, its worth the outting! She is internationally board certified as a lactation consultant and is passionate about what she does. The class is geared towards properly preparing women to return to the work force and also continue breastfeeding their babies.
RSVP required.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Don't be the formula hype!

Here's a great article pointing out the lengths corporations will go to get paid. Unfortunately our best interest is not the #1 priority here. I know this may be hard to believe, a conspiracy theory maybe, but if you were to look a little further than what your told, and allow the little voice in your head to be heard, you'd realize its right. Formula companies are not looking out for our best interest and it's up to us to trust our bodies.
Support and education is key in successful breastfeeding. I like this quote from the article because I come across this often in my career:
"In reality few partners actually share the night feeds, so don't be tempted to stop breastfeeding for this reason. There might be an odd occasion when this happens but the novelty wears off very quickly, leaving you firmly back in charge of the night-feed. This is particularly true when your partner has to get up for work".


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Attempts to detour women from breastfeeding....fail!

I was sent this article that bothered me deeply, I felt it was just another way for society to detour women from breastfeeding, so I dug a bit and found this article that disagrees.
When I read the title I instantly felt that was incorrect, but I figure I should read and truly understand. As I read, the link to the study led me nowhere, not a good impression. Also, just from current research that is investigating giving small amounts to increase bodies immunity and reverse allergies, had me disagree with the logic. Let's not even mention that I ate a scoop of peanut butter everyday of pregnancy and breastfeeding and my son has no alleriges. I decided to look a bit further and found an article from huffington posts that seemed a bit more credible to me.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

6 signs you should dump your prenatal caregiver

I skimmed through this but felt it was pretty dead on! During your pregnancy your provider should not only be checking on you and baby at each prenatal visit but should be listening to you.
If we ignore or don't pay attention to the pregnant mom, we miss a lot, things that could help us provide exceptional care for each client.
The lost art of midwifery and, in my opinion, "care" is due to lack of attention given to each woman. If I don't take the time and listen how do I know if your taking care of yourself? How do I know your able to provide your body with what it needs to create this baby?
This also means that the provider has to be diverse in many areas. Providers need, more like its VITAL, that we educate women in nutrition during pregnancy. This truly is a lost art lately. Preparation is another area in which we have to provide to our moms. If I don't properly prepare the woman for birth, how can I expect it to go so smoothly? Also, what type of experience am I setting her up for if I don't let her know whats to come?
So many providers come in and out in 10 minutes, look at the vitals taken, the bloodwork received and walk out. That is not maternity care. Most Midwives take the time, provide the education and knowledge, and help empower women for the beauty birth is. We also trust in the body a lot more than some. It took 9 months to create this baby, I'm not sure why certain providers expect the baby to pop out in 10 hours, ridiculous if you ask me. You must show patience with a laboring woman, this in turn means you trust the process. If I'm rushing dilation then maybe the mom might think she isn't doing something right, and makes her question herself. This is not what the empowering birth process is all about. In actuality it is the provider who is doing something wrong if they can not learn to sit and wait.
I could rant on forever but take the time to read this article and come to your own conclusion.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ACOG's recommendations for pregnant moms to avoid chemical exposure

Please take moment to read ACOG's recommendations to help ensure minimal chemical exposure to the unborn fetus.
Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to avoid but these few tips along with this easy to view image can allow you to be concscious of these tips.
Talk to your midwife or provider regarding other ways to stay healthy!

Pregnant Chemical Exposure

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gentle GYN Care

It's never fun when its time to go to the GYN, but it's apart of life. It is nice, however, when you can see a provider who has a gentle heart and a holistic mind. CNM (certified nurse-midwife) and ARNP (advanced registered nurse practicioner) Judith Kaplan is now working out of Natural BirthWorks in Fort Lauderdale, with an office also in Boca and Miami.
Providing women with wonderful options besides the traditional, and slightly more uncomfortable, GYN care. Judy is also offering a holistic approach for the treatment of HPV, which is becoming very prevenlent with our young teens.
Here is an article from the examiner on Judith: http://www.examiner.com/article/woman-care-gives-women-alternative-birth-choices-and-a-voice


Monday, November 4, 2013

Natural BirthWorks community event

Natural BirthWorks is a co-op of holistic providers. We share a space so all families can receive the benefits of whole body care. The need for natural care is important in this growing toxic world. Join us for our monthly events and learn about each of the providers at our space.
Current providers include:
Licensed Midwives
Certified Nurse Midwives
Lactation Consultants, IBCLC
Massage Therapist
Ultrasound technician
and more...
View or FB event page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/midwifegelena.hinkley#!/events/572014659530269/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

and our website: www.naturalbirthworks.com

Coral Springs Breastfeeding support group

Each month the lovely breastfeeding mama's of Coral Springs meet up. We meet up to support each other, normalize breastfeeding, and share stories. We change locations each month to enjoy all areas, but its always the 3rd Wednesday from 9-11am. You can learn more about the group, and meet other moms on either our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/midwifegelena.hinkley#!/groups/coralspringsbreastfeedingsupport/

or our meet up group: http://www.meetup.com/Coral-Springs-Breastfeeding-support-group/

We look forward to seeing you!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Natural BirthWorks Monthly Newsletter November 2013

Natural BirthWorks - November Newsletter

www.naturalbirthworks.com | info@p3birth.com

We are delighted to be sending out our first monthly newsletter, designed to help keep you informed on what’s happening at Natural BirthWorks!

As you may already know, Natural BirthWorks is a co-op of providers that share this wonderful space. The goal is to have a diverse group of like-minded holistic providers at one location, readily available to care for women and their families with natural alternative methods. Please check the calendar on our Natural Birthworks website for providers schedule.

In addition, each month we will keep you abreast of any special events, classes, or community events being hosted at NBW. Every newsletter will have a "theme" highlighting one of our providers - so you can learn more about their services.

Current participating providers:

• Gelena Hinkley, Licensed Midwife

• Judith Kaplan, Certified Nurse-Midwife, ARNP

• Dr. Carly Tokar, Family Chiropractor

• Toshani - Monica Gonzalez, Yoga Instructor

• Mommycise - Kim Goodman, Fitness Instructor

• Ultrasound & Radiology Specialist - Family Friendly Ultrasounds

• Sandra Lobaina, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

• Jennifer Lopez, Massage Therapist

• Yocheved (Yohi) Popiol, Acupuncturist

Yohi will be doing both private and community practice

~~~~~~~~~~~~November’s theme - Chiropractic Care ~~~~~~~~~~~

Dr. Carly Tokar - Tokar Family Chiropractic

Common chiropractic questions are: What is it? Is it safe? Does it hurt? Why would an expectant mom or child need to see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is a natural, safe, gentle and effective way to address a number of common health conditions & ailments with a holistic and vitalistic approach. Even more importantly it is a proactive lifestyle choice to help promote and maintain optimal health & wellness.

Join us at NBW on
November 17th when Dr. Carly Tokar will discusses the many benefits of chiropractic care for you and your family, as well as answer all of your questions, and even share her personal health story that led her into becoming an advocate for natural health care through chiropractic!


How are we helping the community:

Natural BirthWorks hosts a monthly community outreach event, inviting women and their families to stop in and learn about all of the wonderful care they can receive - and have some fun!

We are fortunate to have onboard several providers offering special rates to help meet your financial situation. Currently "Yohi", our Acupuncturist, offers community visits for those in need; Toshani, our Yoga instructor, offers a Pranayama class at a "love donation". We are in the process of creating a non-profit,
‘All Women Matter’, which will offer prenatal care and breastfeeding support to uninsured women within the community.


We’re excited to join together in one space for your exceptional holistic care!

Please visit us at www.naturalbirthworks.com for more information

Scheduled events, classes, support groups/workshops:

Mondays 8-2:

Dr. Carly Tokar, Tokar Family Chiropractic (by appointment only)

Go to: www.tokarfamilychiropractic.com

Tuesdays 8-2:

Gentle Gynecology and Woman's Holistic Health (by appointment only)

Please call: 561.218.4480 or go to: www.judithcare.com

nd Tuesday evening of every month:
Breastfeeding 101 with Sandra Lobaina, IBCLC.

RSVP requested, please call: 305.600.8109 or go to: www.mymomglow.com

rd Tuesday evening of every month:
Pumping 101 with Sandra Lobaina, IBCLC RSVP

RSVP requested, please call: 305.600.8109 or go to: www.mymomglow.com

Wednesday 3-9:

Acupuncture by Yohi (by appts. only) call: 774.345.YOHI

Thursday 8-2:

Ultrasound & Radiology Specialists (by appts. only), please call: 954.753.9213

Thursday 3-9:

Mommycise Fitness, must pre-register, go to: www.Mommycisefitness.com

Friday 8-2:

Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways Midwife Gelena (by appt. only) go to: www.p3birth.com

Friday 3-9:

Massages by Jennifer (by appts. only) go to: www.prenatalmassagesbyjennifer.com

Saturday 8-2:

Yoga by Toshani, first class FREE! To pre-register call Monica: 518.966.6217

Toshani’s proceeds go to helping women heal from domestic violence relationships.


Special Events:

Starting November

Natural BirthWorks will be a breast pump rental location for Spectra breast pumps! Please contact Sandy Lobaina for more details: 305 600 8109

November 9

- Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways will begin a new childbirth class series. This 3 class series prepares you for natural labor and birth. Pre-registration is required, please contact: Gelena 954.780.9033

November 17 -

Meet the providers night! Natural Birthworks hosts a monthly community event for families to come by and learn about the holistic alternative care they can receive at our location. It’s a fun monthly event with snacks, goodies and feature one of our providers!

Date to be announced

- Spirit Birth, Spirit Flow classes with Judith Kaplan, Certified Nurse Midwife, ARNP. For more info please contact Judith 561.218 4480 or go to: www.judithcare.com

*If would like to receive NBW updates and relevant news, please email info@p3birth.com

www.p3birth.com  www.naturalbirthworks.com

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Midwifery Interview on the air!

It's exciting to see midwives becoming a well known word in our society again. It has been a long journey, owing much thanks to the many granny midwives before us and the dedication and love from the future midwives.
I've always felt blessed when I started my journey into midwifery. I felt blessed because I was able to give women an option, a choice, and a better birth. I also felt blessed because I got to join a community of midwives who are some of the most educated, intelligent, beautiful, well spoken, loving, and dedicated women I've ever met.
Here is a fellow midwife speaking the truth, and enlightening those in the dark about the benefits of Midwifery Care. My friend, and fellow midwife, Jamarah Amani

Homebirths on the rise!

It's always wonderful to see and hear about the rise of homebirths. I think the reason I get so happy is #1 I'm a midwife so thats always a plus!
#2 It makes me happy to know that more women are educating themselves on birth, and becoming aware of their birth options.

The reason why my first 3 births weren't with midwives was because I didn't even know about it! To not even have the option, or knowledge I suppose, to be able to choose or decline is an injustice to a woman. So I'm thrilled to know that women are knowing ALL their options for pregnancy and birth, and hopefully getting educated on it as well, and in-turn, allowing them to make the decision.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Garage Sale/Bake Sale to help us raise money for our non-profit!

FUNdraiser for


our non-profit organization

Sunday October 6, 2013 9am-1pm

We will have toys, children’s clothes, shoes, strollers, maternity clothes, car seats, and MUCH MORE!


Come and enjoy some of our baked goods and lemonade stand (run by the organizations kids)

We are raising money to help fund our non-profit ALL WOMEN MATTER. This organization strives to provide uninsured pregnant women in our community with appropriate prenatal care



A birth reflection from a VBAC client

I got the privilege of helping a VBAC mama get the birth she dreamed. Granted I met her late, I think 40wks, and all seemed like a Repeat C/S was on the horizon. We proceeded with the knowledge that it would all work out, and work out it did. Here is her latest reflection on her amazing birth compared to her first c/s birth:

"It's amazing how different each birth story is - yet how similar at the same time. I've heard SO many women who are disappointed by the experience they had birthing their child/children. How choices were taken from them, how things weren't explained well so that they knew why things were done, how they didn't get to bond with their baby. Having experienced this myself AND having experienced a birth at home where I was able to eat and drink (and when I didn't drink enough and almost needed an IV, I was given the opportunity to drink more so that I wouldn't be constricted by the IV), I was able to change positions to help Thomas make his way into the world naturally AND the BEST of all - I was able to bond with him instantly. It was SO special. I'll never forget that moment. Best feeling in the whole world."

Thought it was inspiring, so I'm sharing with you all.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yoga at Natural BirthWorks

Please contact: https://www.facebook.com/naturalbabystore#!/ToshaniMonicaGonzalez

The importance of prenatal care during your pregnancy

It is so vital that pregnant women receive proper prenatal care during their pregnancy, it can reduce maternal/infant morbidity and mortality rates. Red flags present and with proper prenatal care, it can be caught BEFORE it becomes a major... health concern. This is exactly what happened with a Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways ~P3 client. Due to the watchful and attentative eye of her midwife, we picked up the red flags, and acted swiftly. Our client is healthy, with a beautiful healthy girl because of that. I also want to thank Memorial Regional for acting on the WHO's recommendations and placing baby right to mommy's breast after the c/s. Welcome little girl, you made quite an entrance!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mommycise Fitness at Natural BirthWorks!

P3's Childbirth Class series!

Prepare yourself for a natural birth! Come join us for a wonderful 3 part series covering topics such as:
Anatomy of mom & baby
Stages of labor
Tips for partners
Comfort measures
What to expect
Breathing techniques
and Newborn Care
Cost is $75 for non-p3 clients. If you refer a friend receive $25 off! Contact me for more details!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A picture says a thousand words...

I always say how lucky I am because I love my job. I'm a midwife, a childbirth educator, a mother, and a wife. I'm blessed in many ways with my family but its hard for them to see me gone for so many hours with no notice at all.
I try to capture images for my family and friends so they can understand where I go and why. Maybe if they see it, and understand the beauty, they won't be so sad when I'm gone.
I've yet to find an image that really made them get it....until now.
I recently had a bit of a birth run, the most births in one day, for me at least. Three women decided to bless me with their labors on the same day, special yes, and extremely stressful since I make it a point to honor the woman choosing me as their midwife, not a back-up. I'm also extremely lucky and blessed to have a great team, and good back up support for rare times like this.
Either way, two of the three births were very quick. They went from 0-60 in under an hour, in labor terms, thats quick! As I was preparing to deliver baby #1 for the day, I yelled for the dad to hurry up and come here if he wanted a good shot (or what I like to call "the money shot"). Well hurry he did, and money shot he got! I knew it captured the essence and beauty of what I do but wasn't sure if the kids would get it.
So as I pick up my kids from school, I said "mommy has a picture to show you from work". My second daughter says "oh, ew", so of course the twins chorus "ew". Then I showed her what would now be my new favorite picture, and she said something that shocked me. My daughter looked at the photo and said "wow, thats a good shot". No ew. No gross. No rolling of the eyes.
So I felt this picture was worthy enough to share with you, in hopes that you can appreciate it as much as myself and my family does.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just a thought....

As I was getting ready this morning, I often reflect on those I speak with and here are some thoughts that came from that:
 If we don't experience the birth of our dreams, how can we enjoy the transition into motherhood and in turn the power of motherhood? I ask some "what do you envision for this birth?" and some don't have an answer. This is because they don't realize they can have the birth of their dreams, they don't realize how important the actual transition part of life is! T.V. shows us that we walk in and the hospital deals with everything until baby is put in your arms. Leaving you out of set 1. The power and strength lies in the transition into the new role you play. Take back your birth, take back the most important role you play, and take back the first step in doing it.
 ~just my 2 cents. www.p3birth.com

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Natural BirthWorks opening event!!

Our co-op shares space with providers who choose to help their clients in the most holistic way. They've joined together in one location so families can reap the benefits of many different forms of holistic care. Please join us for our opening event to meet the providers of this unique space: https://www.facebook.com/events/496716653739153/


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Childbirth Class series beginning Aug. 24

Please join us in our wonderful childbirth class series at our NEW location! Classes start Aug. 24, this is a 3 week series, come one come all that are looking to prepare for a NATURAL birth!


Birth Story of Baby Boy!

Birth Story of Baby boy

Preparation for 9 Month:

·        Personal Trainer twice per week

·        Bootcamp 3 times per week

·        Running

·        Yoga (prenatal)

·        Pilates for flexibility

·        Hypno-Birthing classes

·        Birthing Prepatory Course by the Midwife

·        Eating healthy

June 19th

I woke up at 11:30PM on June 18th to go to the bathroom (#2).  This was unusual for me as I usually do this in the morning.  Within the next 30 Minutes I had to go to the bathroom often.   I had a lot of mucus come out; that could only be my mucus plug coming out and then my water broke. After that I tried to go back to bed and sleep but couldn’t anymore.  So I walked around and tried to relax.  At around 1:15AM I decided to wake up () and we started keeping track of my contractions at 1:39AM. They started out at three minutes apart, lasting 45 Seconds to one minute and then progressed to between two to three minutes apart by 2:15AM.  Quickly Rich and I decided that I should take a bath and sit out the contractions in warm water, which felt much better.  After about an hour of counting contractions () decided it was time to call our Midwife (Gelena Hinkley), our Doula (), and wake up my mom who was staying at our house.  After that the contractions came even quicker and were only about two minutes apart.  During this time () wanted to print out sweet, encouraging words from our friends but I did not want him to leave me, as he was very helpful with all the contractions. I would just hold on to him and he would press on my back.  Between contradictions, he hurriedly printed the words.  Then, he wanted to show them to me, but I was having contractions too regularly for me to look at them.

We waited for what felt like hours for Gelena to come.  At one point, I told () that I could not handle this pain for 20 hours and that we might have to go to the hospital.  He said if I wanted to go, we would go.  I decided to wait a little long, and just then Gelena arrived at our house.  It was 3:28AM.   After Gelena arrived Mom went next door to get (), who was sleeping at our neighbor’s guest house.

Once Gelena showed up she quickly checked me.  She was surprised I was already dilated 9 cm and had started pushing already. (My body had two pushing urges before she came and one right when she arrived.)  She told me that it would last only one or two more hours to push little boy out.  My mom asked her if she could set up her birthing tub as it is more comfortable than the bathtub in our bathroom, and she replied, “I don’t have time to set it up.  This baby is coming now.”  Gelena helped me with the pushing urges by reminding me to breathe in-between contractions.  () helped me by holding me and pressing on my back.  The pushing urges really felt like pushing out a big #2.  Slowly his head moved further and further down.  Soon I could feel the top of boy’s head with my hand.  During one very strong urge to push I lifted my behind out of the water and Gelena made it pretty clear to me that I needed to choose to either be in the water or out; I couldn’t have it both ways.  Eventually the crown of his head (with lots of hair) was out.  I remember this felt like a burning sensation.  Gelena told me that I now need to push his full head out. That took one other large push.  She then quickly checked his neck for the cord; when she felt that everything was fine she told me to push the body out as well.  Getting the body out was very easy after the head was out and I think it only took one or maybe two more pushes. 

As soon as boy’s body came out at 4:27 AM (() kept track of the exact time) Gelena lifted him out of the water and onto my stomach. That happened really fast and he cried immediately.  Our baby was completely healthy and I was totally exhausted but extremely happy.  () told me later that he didn’t think he could fall in love with a little creature so fast, but he instantly fell in love with boy.  Little boy rested on my stomach (his cord wasn’t long enough to make it to my chest) and we stayed in the water for another few minutes.  As the water was a bit dirty, my mom suggested that we should come out of the bath, so Gelena, her assistant Sandy (who came to our house about three Minutes after he was born), and () helped me out of the water.  I then laid down right in front of our bath-tub on some cushions.  Little boy still on my stomach, we waited for the placenta to come out. While we were waiting all females took some of the Vernix from boy’s skin and put it under our eyes as the perfect eye cream (a trick Gelena taught us).  In fact, on the pictures you can see me with the Vernix underneath my eyes. 

The contractions to get the placenta out weren’t very intense and it was a very interesting and relieving feeling when the placenta came out.  Before the placenta came out Gelena suggested to cut the cord as it stopped pulsating after 10 Minutes or so.  Sandy prepared everything and () cut the cord.  Then, I could bring boy up to my chest.  While waiting for the placenta to come out I could definitely feel a strong burning sensation (must have been due to some ripping of my skin) and some contractions as my uterus was getting smaller. Finally, the placenta came out at 4:55 AM (() again keeping track).  It took about 25 Minutes.  Sandy used the blood in the placenta to collect little boy’s stem cells.  Once that was all done, everyone helped me into our bedroom and bed.  Little boy then was again back on my chest.  Gelena and Sandy inspected my private parts. Apparently I ripped in two places; not too badly, but it did require stitches.  Gelena and Sandy spent about one hour stitching me up while I was holding boy and () was reading the encouraging words from our friends.  This was a very nice family bonding time, and it did distract me from the discomfort of the stitching. Gelena tried hard to be gentle but I could feel some of them.  () (our Doula) did arrive at our house until 30 minutes after little boy was born. (Everyone thought our birth would take a bit longer than it actually did.  J)  () and Sandy gave me breastfeeding advice and little boy was feeding just a few hours after birth.  Gelena wanted me to eat and drink a lot after the birth since I lost quite a bit of blood and had a bit of a temperature.  She gave me coconut water, tea with honey, and a fruit and a protein smoothie (which included a piece of my raw placenta). All of this helped me recover and feel better.  At around 9:30 AM Gelena, Sandy and () left our family to do more bonding.  They each received a large bag of Swiss chocolate before leaving.  (I believe all of them enjoyed some of it on their drive home.  J)

Both () and I are so happy that we chose to go the home birth route.  We would highly recommend a home birth to any of our friends that are having a healthy pregnancy.

So that is the story of what truly was the most amazing days in our lives so far. 


Post Story

My milk came in on June 21 in the late afternoon.  That was a rather painful experience and also came with a hormonal imbalance.. Gelena then brought over the placenta pills on June 23, and they definitely helped.  I stopped randomly crying by June 22.
As for boy, three days after birth he was seven pounds two ounces (six ounces lighter than his birth weight).  He was back up to his birth weight by six days after his birth.  We measured his length on June 30 and he was already 21 inches. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Natural BirthWorks Opening Event!!

Press Release

Natural Birthworks Kicks Off With Community Meet & Greet.

First-of-its kind holistic cooperative in Broward County seeks to educate and empower women.

Oakland Park, FL:  Natural Birthworks will hold its inaugural event, a community meet-and-greet, on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 6:30pm at its location on Commercial Boulevard just two blocks east of I-95. Attendees from the community, including local media, are invited to come learn about the services offered and speak with the organization’s practitioners. Refreshments and raffle packages will also be offered for a small donation to benefit underserved pregnant women in South Florida.

The first of its kind in Broward County, Natural Birthworks seeks to create a space where women and their families have access to a variety of holistic services under one roof. Practitioners will include Licensed Midwives, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, Doulas, Chiropractors, Holistic Pediatricians, Childbirth Educators, Placenta Specialists, Lactation Consultants, Licensed Massage Therapists, Fitness Instructors, Ultrasound Technicians, and is currently seeking to expand the list. 

Services will be offered in the form of individual appointments and group classes, and include options such as prenatal care, childbirth education (including daddy-to-be bootcamp), well-woman care, breastfeeding classes and support, placenta encapsulation, pediatric appointments, family chiropractic care and much more. Natural Birthworks is also in the process of developing a non-profit that will provide prenatal care to low income, uninsured women in Broward County, with the intent of reducing perinatal and infant morbidity and mortality. 

The space hosted “The Big Latch On” event on August 2nd, in celebration of World Breastfeeding Month, and will be home to the “Improving Birth Rally” this Labor Day, September 2nd, 2013.  Natural Birthworks will also host monthly picnics and other events to highlight services and raise community awareness.

Natural Birthworks was founded as a response to increasing nationwide consciousness and demand for alternatives in birth choices and holistic alternatives for pregnant women, their families and beyond.  Founder Gelena Hinkley, a state licensed and certified professional midwife, founded the co-op when she realized just how many women are unaware of the normalcy of the birth process and the role she plays in controlling her choices and environment.  She states “It is important that women and families know that birth, parenting, and our health is something we need to take into our own hands, and with the proper education, guidance, and access, they are empowered to do just that.”


Natural Birthworks Community Meet-and-Greet

Sunday, September 8th, 2013. 6:30pm

221 East Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334 (just 2 blocks East of 1-95)

Cost: FREE
Refreshments and Raffle Tickets for Donation with proceeds to benefit non-profit
(prizes include: Free Birth Session by Dara Bling Photography, Free Lactation Consultation with IBCLC Sandy Lobaina, Free Childbirth Class series with P3 and more!)

For more information, email : info@p3birth.com or call  (954) 780 9033


Friday, June 28, 2013

Bonding with natural vs. medicated children

So I've been pondering my births. For those who don't know me, I have 5 children. I've had every birth type imaginable, I've been induced, epidural, c/section, and all natural.
I often hear moms say that when they have a c/section or when they've been medicated during labor and delivery, they don't feel the same bond that they have with their unmedicated natural births. I always used to think (before my all natural birth) "how is that? how do they not feel the same love for that child?" Now that I've experienced the natural birth, I think I understand what I was thinking wrong. Make sense? Probably not.
I kept asking myself how could they not feel the same love, but what they were saying was not the same BOND. I think I actually get it. I know we all love our children the same, different ways but the amount of love is the same. I would die for any of my kids, I would literally DIE for any single one of them. I LOVE them equally, some receive my love in different ways but hey, they're different kids.

Now bond, lets discuss bond. I realized the difference, or the mistake I was making. To bond with someone, technically you don't have to love them at all. If I work in a rice field and another farmer works next to me, we're both slaving it in the heat, busting our butts, gathering the rice and waiting to be finished. I don't love that farmer, but we certainly can bond and connect over the aches and pains of the field work that day. Same with labor and birth.
During the labor process, the baby is going through stress, hormones are being released to make sure of it. The body really wants baby to be ready for the real world. Its journey of "hard knock life" begins and it feels it. Keep in mind, that the baby feeling the stress of labor is a good thing...side note.
Either way, for my first 4 children, I was induced and received an epidural. Granted I took 12hours of pitocin before requesting the epidural, and if I was a midwife at the time, I would have realized I was in transition and wouldn't have asked but hogwash now.
What story did I share with them? What journey had we gone through together? I realized I bailed on them mid-trip. I medicated myself because I forgot the core of what I was doing as a woman, as a woman entering into motherhood and this amazing rite of passage.
Do I blame my support? nope. They saw me in pain and wanted to help, they also were not educated about this at the time. We see a person we love in pain and we want to help them so we intervene. We forget that we are stripping them of this amazing journey they are on with their baby, their first "day out on the rice field" together. This is the time when I needed the reminder that I wasn't alone, that I was walking into the path of motherhood with my child.
I still don't blame any of them. I do get angered at society, however. Why did we somehow allow the "pain" of labor to be associated as bad and something we must fix? When we do a workout the saying is "no pain no gain" and when we feel the burn we're happy. Since when did we think we'd get such an amazing gift as that of a child with no work?
The pain of labor is not bad. Your not needing to be fixed. Your bonding with your baby for the first time. It is there, in those long hours, that you will connect with your child and forever have that bond with them. You can look at them and know that at their first journey to this world, you were with them, when they got squeezed, you got squeezed, when they were tired, you were tired, when they needed to use their bit of energy to be expelled, you were using your last bit to help them out. Never once leaving their side or forgetting the path you were on.
So with my first 4, I love them dearly, but I wasn't on the path with them and for that I will forever miss that bond. I make it up to myself and them with years of memories and activities to bond us but the first one is lost. My last child, my planned home birth/last minute hospital delivery, I never left him, I felt what he felt, and I have that bond and I am forever grateful for it. Was it hard? yes. Was it intense and overwhelming? at times yes. Yet, I am still FOREVER grateful that I was there, present in the moment.
I now understand what those women meant. I love all my children the same, I create amazing memories with them daily, we each have other bonding moments of our own, but my last one, we had a special bonding moment that I wish I could have had with all of them.
I share this with you so that if your a person that says "Why would you want a natural birth?" or "I just don't feel bonded with my baby", I hope this inspires you in any route your headed. If you don't understand the benefits of natural birth (aside from the risks of the drugs) I hope you do now. If your a woman who feels like your not as bonded with your baby, I hope this helps heal that gap. I hope you know that bonds will form and it was not your fault.
Much love,


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Childbirth Classes

Join us for another series of my childbirth classes. The class covers:
~Anatomy of mom and baby
~Stages of labor
~what to expect
~coping techniques for you and your partner
~Placenta benefits
~exercises for natural birth/labor
~breastfeeding (special guest speaker, lactation consultant, Sandy Lobaina with My Mom Glow)
~newborn care
If you are not a P3 client the fee is $50, please RSVP.
Class 1: June 8 4-6pm,
Class 2: June 10 7-9pm
Class 3: June 12 7-9pm


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Newborn bath, THEY ARE NOT DIRTY!

I preach often how newborns aren't dirty. Yes some birth "particles" get on them but nothing that isn't going to be beneficial! There are a few situations where I would say, "sure wash baby" maybe if mom has a contagious virus. Honestly what is going to get on baby that hasn't gotten there already? Here is a great article supporting my thoughts:

P3 Love,


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pitocin vs. Oxytocin

Here's a great article on the differences between synthetic pitocin and natural oxytocin... http://pregnancy.about.com/od/induction/a/pitocindiffers.htm

P3 Love


This article reinforces why I am a midwife and am so happy to do what I do

It's always nice when an article comes out that truly helps you explain to people what you've been trying to get them to understand for some time now. Humans question things, I get it and think thats the smart thing to do. However, sometimes, for people like me it's hard to show or prove something we know. When you have an article that comes out and pretty much sums it up for you, it gives you a sigh of relief. "Ahhh, there! This is what I've been trying to say". So please take the time to read this article because "This is what I've been trying to say".

P3 Love,

What to do when life continues after baby and your partners back to work??

Working with all the families that I've been touched by, I have noticed an issue that always seems to bear its ugly head when the work day returns!
I know we all know about postpartum blues, breastfeeding issues, the "supermom" syndrome, but now we have this problem of what to do when the spouse has to go back to work.
It's always so nice to have the extra set of hands, the middle of the night person who you can freely wake up (and not feel guilty) but, unfortunately, the time comes when they must go back to work.
To prevent depression, or sadness there is an article that has a few good pointers. I have reviewed and I do feel these are good steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

Happy Reading,
P3 Love


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Be Aggressive, B-E-Aggresive!

Before this article had come out, I had been pondering the idea that we as a society are becoming less independent and more dependent. We go to work for others (more common) so they can tell us what to do and give us insurance and pay, we go to the news to see whats happening even thought most important events are excluded, we go to the doctor when we are sick to be given a quick fix instead of being aware of what we do and how we got sick to avoid for next time. What happened to us taken our actions into our own hands? What happened to being in control of what we do? I know its not like this all over but I feel its starting to lean more towards us becoming an obedient society and it scares me. How will the newest inventors invent things, or scientist discover new cures? We need independent thought to be the superior being that supposively us as humans are.
This article somewhat goes with the pondering thoughts. It states that women who are more passive will be in a hospital with an OB, but the few active moms go for the homebirth.
So does this mean women who are assertive, and active tend to demand the birth they want, yet passive women choose OB's and the birth that is given? We all deserve the birth of our dreams, and our personality traits shouldn't deny us of this!
To conclude, I think of this song:

Help writing a birth plan?

I found this and thought it was a good guide to remind you to stay focused when planning your natural birth. It really just skims the surface on how to start writing your birth plan. A lot of people ask me what they need to bring to birth center or hospital, or what to have at their homebirth. I also get asked what should I write in my birth plan....
I will add to these helpful hints but I have to say I do plan on writing a very detailed list on these 2 topics (birth items to bring or have, and birth plans). They are different though, items to bring are, obviously, items to bring for you and new baby or items to have at home for you and new baby.
Birth plan is your idea of how your birth should go down, interventions, mood, atmosphere, people allowed in the room, care to baby following birth, and the transition of all of this. Both of these things should be respected by your provider and your family.
So keep a look out for things to come but the above is a place to start.... Happy birthing!!
P3 Love.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Vaginal twins birth is safe

A new Canadian study shows that planning a c/section for twins does NOT give us a better outcome. It's so important that we remember how extremely imperative it is to keep the confidence in our bodies. When we lose trust in ourselves and what we are capable of, it has a negative domino effect that is beyond comprehension.

Yes you CAN go over 40 weeks with a healthy pregnancy, yes you CAN deliver vaginal breech with a trained professional, yes you CAN breastfeed your newborn, yes you CAN have a safe homebirth with a Licensed Midwife, yes you CAN deliver twins safely through your vagina the way nature intended.

Remind yourselves that your instincts are correct and you must follow them. We sense its wrong when someone tells us we can't do something because instinctively we know we are meant for certain things, and birth is one of them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

St. Patty's day SPECIAL for Childbirth Classes!

Learn how to prepare for a natural birth! I incorporate the Lamaze and Bradley method so parents can have the wonderful birth they envisioned! Allow your body and your baby to experience this amazing rite of passage. Special price for March, normally $100 for this 3 class series, now $30! Receive all the information, and confidence you need for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Class 1 (March 9): Anatomy of mom and baby, Stages of Labor, Coping techniques

Class 2 (March 16): Exercise and Nutrition for the pregnant woman, what to expect when labor occurs

Class 3 (March 23): Breastfeeding and Newborn Care
 First 2 people to refer a friend will receive a presale pass to the private presale at Lolliposh Seasonal Consignment in April!!!

Register at www.p3birth.com

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yale'd it! Here's what Yale News has to say about vaginal births

So happy to finally see all of these reports, and articles coming out to tell the truth on the benefits of a vaginal birth. Please take a moment and read this, if only to know I'm not insane! Yale News.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Need I say more??

I have had the pleasure of being able to post so many articles on the rise of homebirths, midwives, or natural births lately. I am honored to, yet again, add this to my list of posts:

I will sip my tea tonight, just a wee bit happier ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Midwife Mania!!!

I do love the title of this Time's article: Midwife Mania? More U.S. Babies than Ever Are Delivered by Midwives
I also like how in the article they note how many other places around the globe, Midwives are the norm.
I suppose my biggest issue is that why do we still look at going to a hospital for sick people the correct place to bring our newborns into the world?
When I was young, maybe 10 or so, it was hard for the hospital nurses to let me in to see my grandfather who was ill. Yet, we freely, and gladly bring ourselves to this SAME location to bring our fresh newborn babies into the world. We need to rethink what is "norm" here, and start to understand what is natural.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

P3 on Yahoo News!

We are excited to see Yahoo News! picking up our press release. It generates the buzz that Homebirths are a normal part of delivering a healthy baby, and it's not something that should be viewed as "crazy" or "hippie". View our press release on Yahoo News!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Waking the boobie beast...

Women tend to have the nurturing qualities, right? I think so. When you throw in a child who we grew in our bellies, we nurture even more. Now imagine someone insulting that? or making you feel like its wrong? Well, then you wake the mother bear BEAST! This is exactly the case with this story from Texas which has made its way all the way to Florida!

Please join us for a Nationwide Nurse-In THIS SATURDAY at Hollisters in the Coral Square Mall at 3pm.
Stand alone, we are one, stand together...limitless.

Interesting natural birth of triplets article

Hello All!
I stumbled upon this article and felt it important to share on my blog. The stigma of homebirths, natural births, and midwives really "urks" the heck out of me!
I wish more people understood not only how safe it can be for low-risk women but how benefical it is to us as a society. The empowerment of knowing your body works the way nature intended, the beauty of experiencing what your child is going through at the time of delivery, hearing the signals the body gives to you during the process, accepting the feeling. This not only gives women the confidence they deserve but that confidence trickles down to how the mother is seen by the family as a whole. It's important. It's a right of passage.
 Anywhooo, with that said, here is a article I wanted to share...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!! Holiday gift from P3!!

Hello everyone!!

As we bring in the New Year, I would like to give a gift to all the pregnant mama's. P3 is offering our Childbirth Class series for FREE starting January 7, 14, and the last class on Jan. 21. Please email me at info@p3birth.com for more info!!
I feel like education is the best gift and the more educated our pregnant women are, the better the birth outcome will be. Please share with those you think will benefit from this offer.

Check out our monthly events...